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  • Bike just mentioned this in a recent article…



  • in reply to: Do you turn your bike upside down to work on it? #241796

    really? = more dollars than sense 😉 Good luck to ’em though, I’m sure some will buy it.

  • in reply to: Chain wax…go or no go? #241793

    I tried it for a while (White Lightining and Squirt) but felt like I wasn’t getting the mileage out of it that I get with other options. Sometimes on the ride back my chain would start getting noisey. Maybe it’s too hot here in GA? Dunno… now I prefer ProGold ProLink Extreme, it just works.


  • in reply to: 29plus wheel set carbon or aluminum #231463

    I had Dustin- http://southernwheelworks.com -build me a set of Velocity Duallys(aluminum)/Wheelsmith/White Industries hubs for my Krampus when it first came out. I was well over 200 lbs then and they are still rocking strong! You might want to see what he can do for you.

  • in reply to: Newish to MTB #126488

    Hey Rey,
    I too started out with a Marlin a few years back and found that most of the components were not up to par for any aggressive riding although the frame seemed to hold up well. You should think about how far you want to progress in MTBing and go from there.
    If you want to keep from spending too much, then I would look at your contact points, handlebars, stem, grips, pedals and seat. The stem on my Marlin was long and the bars narrow, read up on shorter stem wider bars and see if it is for you.
    If money is not a huge concern and you want to take your biking up a notch then a new bike with better components and better wheels will definitely help and be more fun IMO. Better wheels makes all the difference.
    In the end, I did the cockpit upgrades before selling my Marlin and buying a new bike and switched all of my upgrades to the new bike.
    If you are not happy with your LBS, be sure to look around at other shops.

  • in reply to: New Tire Choice, Help! #122537

    I like an equal or fatter tire on the front, more cushion and better grip. I did not like the crossmarks at all… not enough grip on my local trails.

  • in reply to: New Front Crank #122342

    Probably more than you want to jump into but it might offer a couple of options. I had a Stylo SS crank, and just moved into a 1×10, with X9 type 2 rear derailleur and shifter, Wolftooth chainring… it shifts like butter. Plus, no need for chain guide with the type 2. Endless is also coming out with chainrings… love their stuff.

  • in reply to: Trying to stray away from POV GoPro films #122052

    B R A V O ! No matter how fun the trail, POVs get a little boring at times while cutting some great angles and action shots are much more interesting when possible… keep it up, can’t wait to see the next ones.

  • in reply to: Advice on best flats please… #121628

    I like the Spanks too, haven’t ridden them but have heard very good things. I have ridden my Xpedo XMX 13s for several years and they are simply indestructible. Xpedo just released a new flat that is very similar to the Spikes but a little less expensive. http://xpedo.com/products/pedals/platfo … -%5Bnew%5D

    Happy shredding!

  • in reply to: Help Loaded Precision Name Their New Grips + Win a Pair #117375

    Hmmm, I was thinking Loaded Handjobs, but I never win anything… not sure why! 😆

  • in reply to: Online spin classes? #116439

    Don’t do any spinnin’ but +1 on giving mother nature the middle finger here lately! 😀

  • in reply to: Photo of fatbike on Reddit currently has 18,000 upvotes #115668

    killer shot!

  • in reply to: New to MTBing FORKS QUESTION!!! #113148

    Here’s the trail in question…


  • in reply to: Hans Dampf 29er tires for sale #112872

    Dang… you folks is tough! How about $40 a tire for a total of $80? That is like half off on practically brand new rubber! 😀

  • in reply to: Olympic MTB race won on clip in pedals #111679

    Even more, it was won on a FS bike. I was surprised to see that out there, especially on that course.

  • in reply to: Georgia Gould wins Bronze for US MTB #111671

    Woot! woot! Go USA!

  • in reply to: Blankets Creek gets more improvements #111572

    That is awesome although I imagine Dwelling Loop will be more crowded than ever. It would be nice if they could build one more intermediate trail to spread out some of the crowds. Van Michael is almost empty every time I hit it.

  • in reply to: Upgrade #111443

    Seriously though. How much you wanna spend?

    Convert it to tubeless?
    New wheels?
    Dropper post?

  • in reply to: Upgrade #111442

    You most definitely need one of these: [url:lybx586t]http://www.turbospoke.com/[/url:lybx586t][/quote]

    Oh hell yeah! Cause my balloon keeps popping!

  • in reply to: New Rims for Disc Brakes #110916

    As I have said before, Daniel at http://www.likinbikin.com/ treated me right on my wheelset. He hand built me a set of Stans flows for a really decent price. If you don’t see what you want on the site, give him a call and discuss your needs, he is very amiable to finding you the right set at the right price.

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