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  • in reply to: What's your favorite MTB trail in Pennsylvania? #210919

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I’m from Pittsburgh and the 2 absolute must rides would be North Park and Moraine. North Park has everything you would want in a ride, aroun 40 miles of singletrack. Moraine is a tech riders dream, only about 12 miles total but well worth it. A few honorable mentions would be Bradys Run, Frick Park, Settlers Cabin, Hartwood Acres and Boyce Park.</p>

    in reply to: What are your mountain biking goals for 2017? #209837

    1. Improve my place in the overall standings at the end of the race season(7th in Expert in the Bike the Wilds series last year)

    2. Podium

    3. Ride as much as possible

    4. Workout and train as much as possible

    5. Keep a healthy balanced diet.

    in reply to: Favorite Songs to Ride To? #209756

    I don’t like to listen to music while riding but on the way to the trails I have a few must listens to get me ready:

    Show Me How to Live – Audioslave

    Only – Nine Inch Nails

    War Zone – Slayer


    in reply to: Climbing Techniques #208973

    Find a good gear that has lots of power but manageable to pedal, stay in that gear if possible, stay seated far up on the front of the seat and only stand up when needed to clear an obstacle or get up a steeper incline, just never give up till your to the top. Climbing is a pretty mentally and physically demanding part of riding so it helps to not think of the whole climb as a big daunting task, just take it small sections at a time till you clear them all.

    in reply to: 1×11 or 2×10 preference #205315

    I run a 24-38 2×10 with a 11-36 cassette. I find it is a good mix of low end power with high end speed. The trails I ride range from technical rock gardens to fast singletrack with lots of rolling hills. I like the ability to put the bike into a high gear and just switch between the front cogs for short punch climbs or fast downhill sections. I have been considering the switch to a 1x for the simplicity factor though, but I don’t want to make the switch yet and end up regretting it when I know the 2x works for me currently.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)