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  • in reply to: advise for a new bike/sizing #91552

    My brother rides an ’09 Trek Fuel EX 9 and he absolutely loves it. I think it’s technically considered a trail bike (rather than XC) but he races XC with it. It’s pretty light for a full suspension, has great components, and retails right in your price range. As others have said, I would definitely try out different bikes to see what fits you best. As far as sizing goes, I’m 5’10" and ride a 19"/L frame, but I guess it all depends on the geometry, so trying different bikes/sizes and picking what feels good is your best bet. Good luck and have fun!

  • in reply to: Hardtail in 800 range #91601

    Is it right to assume when you say "new in Spring 2011", you intend to buy a 2011 model, or do you just mean "new" to you? I have an ’09 Gary Fisher Marlin (which I later put BB7 disc brakes on) and I absolutely love it. You surely wouldn’t have to upgrade any of the parts within the first month (or year, for that matter). I’ve had mine for almost 2 years and the only replacements I’ve made were purely by choice rather than necessity. The only other manuf’s that I test rode when I was bike shopping were Cannondale (F5) and Raleigh (Mojave 8.0). I liked the cannondale a lot, but there was something about the Fisher that just felt better to me. Anyways, hope this at least provides some insight. I know there are folks on these forums with much more experience & knowledge than myself, so hopefully they can shed some light as well. Good luck!

  • in reply to: Any riders in Central Illinois? #88057

    Absolutely AMAZING! They truly are phenominal trails…you almost forget you’re in central IL. You should definitely make the trip. My brother actually rides Camfield quite a bit. He lives in Effingham. Who knows…maybe you guys have crossed paths 😀

  • in reply to: kettle moraine #89900

    Yeah, I’ve heard about needing a permit to ride. Not sure where I can get it…I assume when I check in at the campsite they’ll probably be able to help me with it. Thanks for the heads-up!

  • in reply to: recommended trails in WI #89514

    Thanks for the info Goo! I appreciate it. I have a question for you: have you ever ridden and/or camped at Kettle Moraine? My wife looked that up last night & thought it might be a good place for us to try. Plus, it’s only a 4+- hour drive from where we live, as opposed to 7-8 hours (which is a world of difference with a toddler and a baby 😃 ). Thanks for any info you have, and thanks again for your recommendation.

  • in reply to: Any riders in Central Illinois? #88055

    I’m a central il rider. Live in the Champaign area and go to school at Eastern IL. Mostly ride Kickapoo near Danville. How about you?

  • in reply to: cane creek s1 headset #86019

    Actually, just got a call back from my LBS & they told me the s-series wouldn’t work with my Marlin (I guess b/c of the G2 geometry). They said I would have to go with the Cane Creek ZS or XX, or the FSA Orbit Z, which are definitely pricier than the Cane Creek S-series. So, does anyone have any recommendations on these models? Thanks again!

  • in reply to: 6700 vs Rockhopper #82257

    what type of terrain do you ride and where in the country?

  • in reply to: Once again, another newbie #82146

    Welcome eastcoastskiier-

    After looking at the specs for the Yukon, I think it’s a pretty good deal at $550…especially if it’s a 2009 like you have in the link. At first when you mentioned trying to stick around 700-800, I was going to recommend a GF Marlin, which is what I ride. I bought it for around 750 & later put BB7 disc brakes on it. I don’t know what type of terrain you plan on riding, but I don’t think there’s anything on the Yukon that you’d HAVE to upgrade right away (besides maybe the pedals). Good luck!

  • in reply to: Rigid forks? #81477

    Welcome! So what bike are you riding now?

  • in reply to: shifting problem #81291

    The cage does move over when I shift. When I look down it seems like the chain is partially on the large cog near the rear, but it never fully takes. As far as sound goes, it sounds like grinding. I hope that helps.

  • in reply to: seatpost question #81240

    Thanks for the help steve & dusty. When I switched it out, I didn’t put any grease or anything on the new one, so it’s not that. I just got done with a little road cruise on it, and it didn’t seem to move as bad. I might give the chalk thing a try and see how that works. Thanks again.

  • in reply to: Does "Appearance" Matter To You Guys #80770

    Looks matter to me, too. I’ve got an ’09 Fisher Marlin and absolutely love it…except one thing – the wheels. I don’t understand why a lot of the bikes in this year’s line of Fisher’s have the silver rims instead of black. Black rims are just the way to go…they just make bikes look so much better. I can live without them though (for now), especially because I love the way my bike rides, which is really what matter most.

  • in reply to: 7 year olds first trip down the trail #80430

    Gosh, that story makes me excited. I’ve got a 20 month old daughter that I’m raising to be quite a daredevil already. I can’t wait until she’s old enough to hit the trail with me. The girl was 2 pounds when she was born (surprised my wife & I 3 months early), and to see her running around like a banshee right now, and think of her hitting the trails with me when she’s older…it’s hard to wait. Do you think they make mountain training wheels? 😃

  • in reply to: wheelset question #80337

    To answer your question maddslacker, the weight increase is compared to the stock setup on my GF Marlin.

  • in reply to: wheelset question #80334

    From what I could gather online, it looks like there will be about a 1lb increase going with the WTB Dual Duty’s. Can’t really complain about that as long as I’m carrying an extra 5-10 in my midsection 😃 Plus, my skills aren’t anywhere near a level that allows me to blame my lack of speed on the weight of the bike. Thanks again for all the great help!

  • in reply to: wheelset question #80332

    That’s funny that you mention the Velociraptors, b/c I plan on picking them up too once I need to replace my tires. Guess I’ll just have to get good with the tire levers. Thanks a lot for the info!

  • in reply to: Let’s Talk About WTB Velociraptors For A Sec. #80327

    I was looking at these exact same tires on jenson & had the same question. The description they give is as follows:

    Folding Comp: Cable bead
    Comp: Steel bead
    Race: Aramid bead

    This didn’t really help me though. Can anyone tell me the difference in these bead types & which would be the best to go with. THe price for each is the same.

  • in reply to: choosing grips #74992

    I understand what you mean, fleetwood…the grips that come stock on Fisher’s are pretty craptastic. I upgraded to Race Face Good ‘n Evils, and I absolutely LOVE them. It took a bit of work to get on, but man they don’t slip for anything. I’d highly recommend them regardless of your style of riding.

  • in reply to: Biking with a wedding ring #69958

    Good point 😃 It can get pretty hot & muggy here in Illinois, but nothing like Florida.

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