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  • in reply to: Tires for Georgia’s roots #89559

    Sure GoldenGoose! I’d love to try a set out. We need to hit up the trail in Roswell sometime.


  • in reply to: Nishiki! #89374

    It is a rigid 1970’s bike. I will try to post pics and what model tomorrow.
    only thing not original is saddle(gel seat), which i will keep. Rofl. Even original brake pads! I think the seat post might not be original. Is that fine?

  • in reply to: Weird Stuff on the Mountain Bike Trail #88957

    Me too Goo!

  • in reply to: Trek Sues Winery – And Loses #89032

    Nice one F7cannon!

    Hey guys just remember to not drink and ride.

    I could see it now:

    TREK bikes and wine: Please drink and ride responsibly.

    All I can say is …..


    Ride safe!

  • in reply to: Gloves #88684

    I love Pearl Izumi socks!!! Rofl a little random but they rock!

  • in reply to: MTB quirks in need of "Terminology" #88658

    I’m liking some of those.

    What about this:

    what do you call the moment when you are pedaling uphill and your chain comes off, and then you try to pedal harder but you start going backwards?


    Don’t blink or you will become friends with a tree!

  • in reply to: Freeride? #88431

    Nothing major cause I am 15 years old and I have to buy everything I want unless it naturally breaks….. I have a hardtail and it shakes me to death on Georgia’s roots…. I think a solution to that would be a full frame suspension bike. If anybody has some stuff they don’t use anymore, I would be glad to take it off of your hands for you! 😃 I am 5′- 3" so I ride about a 17 inch frame and I weight 95lbs.

    I appreciate everybody on singletracks and all the help you guys have given me.

  • in reply to: Blanket’s Creek v2.0??? #87861

    I can’t wait until they finish it cause I live just down the road from it and I really want to ride it!

  • in reply to: Tire Questions #86332

    Thanks guys! I really appreciate the help with all of the questions I have asked so far chili!

    Happy riding!

  • in reply to: Disc Brakes #86312

    Thanks guys. I really appreciate the help.

    Happy Riding! 😎

Viewing 10 posts - 401 through 410 (of 410 total)