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  • Woohoo. Funding goal was 30k, but counter is at 55k. This sounds like an awesome trail ! Is there anything like it elsewhere in the states or even in the world ?

    in reply to: tires for 29inch x 2cm wide rims #242526

    found this really interesting article also on found the specs for the rims, which tells me i can use tire width 1.9 – 2.4”), so I guess if I find a tire for 29″ that has a width in this range, it should fit right?

    Thanks for all the help folks.

    I booked some sweet locations and am beyond excited for all the beautiful riding this summer 🙂

    If anyone’s interested or wants to meet up for some intermediate level riding:

    cortez: july 6-8

    fruita / grand junction : july 22 – 25

    Dillon (keystone, frisco, breckenridge): july 25-30

    july 4/5/6: TBD. could be anywhere between denver, grand junction and cortez




    @Gdb49 can you elaborate on what you said “Brekenridge (not a true DH park, but awesome)”

    Breckenridge looks like an interesting option, because it’s close to Frisco and Keystone as well.

    From what I found they have a lot going on: a skills area called the freeride area, there’s the “wellington bike park” and pump track in Breckenridge (free, no lift.) but then there also seems to be a resort with lift access, though i read mixed reviews of it. So what do you think of the bike park with lift, and what did you mean with “not a true DH park” ?

    BTW guys, I discovered a neat trick on google. apparently you can type e.g. “pine CO weather july” and it gives you avg lows, highs, and rainfall for the month. This way I’m building out a spreadsheet of all locations and trails i’m interested in with temps and precipitation expectation.

    And you guys were right, there seems to be amazing natural trails pretty much everywhere. Looks like i shall hit several locations in CO 🙂

    in reply to: Full Suspension Advice ($2,500) #236704

    I agree, they are good bikes. I demoed one in flagstaff and it performed great both on climbs and descents. especially on descents..

    in reply to: riding park and natural trails in Colorado in july? #236681

    Thanks for your advice everyone. Very helpful 🙂


    blue/green flow trails are probably fine for me.  I’m new to flow trails, never really done berms before etc. I’m also a beginner at jumping.  But i’ll do some more research on the specific trails they have and watch some videos. thanks for the tip.

    . assuming with flag you mean flagstaff AZ, am i reading you right, what’s been said for thunderstorms and rain in CO also goes for flagstaff? that’s a bit surprising. I was expecting flagstaff to be hotter and significantly drier.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)