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  • in reply to: Site Question: Earning a GPS subscription #93915
    "maddslacker" wrote

    …..some of those thousands of submissions could have been GPS tracks. 😉

    I thought it was more like a ba-jillion submissions.

  • in reply to: Pre-Ride Eats! #74428

    I usually don’t pay much attention on shorter rides (~10 mi). I usually carry PB&Js, snickers, and trail mix for epic rides (20+ mi). Anything in-between I usually just carry a granola or clif bar just so I don’t bonk.

  • in reply to: Park Ranger shot in poison spider rugged Utah canyon #93498

    Was in Moab yesterday. Cops everywhere! Hope there’s news of capture today.

  • in reply to: What is the best Moab tour company to go with? #92928

    If the Whole Enchilada is still open up top (the La Sals) hit it up. Otherwise, Porcupine Rim (lower part of Whole Enchilada) is a mainstay. Blue Dot Trail connects Gold Bar Rim and Portal or Poison Spider and is excellent technical singletrack with excellent views.

  • in reply to: Am I crazy forwanting to do this? #92396

    as another benefit, I find that I smack rocks much less often than my coworkers that use platforms. There is just less bulk with clipless pedals than with platforms. It’s much easier to ride technical trail sections while clipped in too IMHO.

  • in reply to: You Don’t Know Epic #92743

    Sounds like fun, but a little too epic for me!

  • in reply to: Weekend in Fruita… #92759

    Nice stoke for my trip to Moab in Nov. Nailed Fruita this past spring!

  • in reply to: functional question #92668

    Tuck it in your socks or roll it up high-water style. Or, tight roll your pants or use pins – 80’s style! 😮 😮

  • in reply to: The Issue of Hikes vs. Bikes #92520

    Over the past year in Boise the local trail management starting doing surveys of trail users regarding conflicts, trail restrictions, etc. Some mountain bikers felt the survey questions were biased and saw the survey as a way for trail management to restrict bikes on certain trails. While this may not all be bad for the reasons posted above, some mountain bikers thought that allowing trail managers to restrict bikes on certain trails would just open the door for more restrictions later. This would potentially limit bikes on a handful of trails. Me, well, I never took the survey:)

    Most bikers use the lower foothills trails that hikers frequent to access trails higher up. Riding higher level trails means less hikers. Of course, with 110 miles of trails bikers in Boise have this option to avoid hikers. On the other hand, the funnest trail in the foothills is also the one with the most hikers. I ride it during lunch, or just before dusk when hikers will have to be back down on the lower trail to be off by dark.

    Personally, I agree with people just being respectful. I don’t want to be banned from any trail. I also probably wouldn’t pay enough attention to notice alternate day or special restrictions.

  • in reply to: Big Smokey Creek Trail, Idaho #75253

    Some good recent information here: http://forums.mtbr.com/showthread.php?t=218305

    Haven’t gotten out there yet, but hope to. Enjoy and post back!

  • in reply to: Bend, OR #88653

    A little behind schedule, but here are some pics from our Memorial Weekend trip to Bend, OR.

    Tulamo Falls

    Riding back from Tulamo Falls back to Phils Network



    Apparently Phil’s was too much fun to stop and take pics…

    Gotta eat too!

    McKenzie River trail

    Getting started




    Gotta take a break


    Another bridge






    and another bridge..






  • in reply to: Just picked up my first loaner bike #91070
    "jkneivel" wrote

    …As we were desesending I was telling to be carefull and splat…my front tire comes out from underneath me, I fly into the embankment and my bike goes off the side of the trail. I ended up bending my handle bars and putting some new scratches on her ….

    Classic! That’s one of a few reasons I keep my mouth shut when riding with the wife:)

  • in reply to: My last wek playing! (Pic Heavy) #91142

    Nice stoke!

  • in reply to: Where would you go? #90825

    Was in Bend over Memorial Weekend. Another good option. McKenzie River Trail is a day trip from Bend also.

  • in reply to: Where would you go? #90819

    Sun Valley/Stanley, ID

  • in reply to: Bend, OR #88652

    Go ahead and add’em in there. I might be headed to Bend for Memorial Weekend. Thanks for filling in the blanks! 😉

  • in reply to: Weightlifting and biking #68922
    "cujo" wrote

    I work out and mt bike, sometimes both in the same day. I weightlift 3 times a week but not to get bigger, just to maintain at near 40 years old. I bench over 300 and that’s good enough for me. Lifting heavy is tough on the shoulders so I don’t get too carried away. I do find it difficult to work my legs in because they end up too tight and it hurts my riding. I try to ride 3 times a week and I love both riding and lifting. They make me feel good and keep me feeling young. I’m 5’9" and 240lbs. but not fat. I could stand to lose a little weight but I like my sweets so that makes it tough.

    That’s me almost exactly, except for the 5’9" part! But the sweets comment is dead on! Weird…

  • in reply to: Happiness for Singletracks …… #84837

    So where’ve ya been? 😉

    Are you still riding Azonic Outlaws? I’ve been think about picking some up but have heard some mixed reviews about problems with the fit of the 20mm and QR adapter, and also that the rear hub is made of cheese. What’s your verdict? I’d be glad to hear it. thx.

  • in reply to: Bike rental in Flagstaff, AZ? #83465

    Well, I rented from Absolute bikes. They were mostly rented out, but they were able to find a Giant Trance X4 for me for $55. It was a little big (XL), but that’s all they had. The trails around Flagstaff were great, and I’d rent from Absolute again. Next time I’ll make sure to reserve the bike I want a little earlier. Great work!

  • in reply to: What’s everybody’s favorite month to bike in? #84123

    Fall, for sure! Can’t beat riding through blazing aspens in cool weather. Ride on!

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