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  • I’ve ridden a heckler.  I loved it.  I’d say go with that, but then again, I’ve never tried a Trance.

    in reply to: Where are you riding this summer? #212648

    Possibly Whistler!  DH stuff is my favorite, jumps, drops, etc., so going to Whistler would be a dream come true.  Hopefully it happens!

    in reply to: Crazy Trail Tales? #210148

    Random teens smoking pot.

    in reply to: Good, cheap full face helmets? #209909

    Ended up going with the Bell Sanction!  It’s great for what I’m doing and was pretty cheap.

    in reply to: Favorite Songs to Ride To? #209875

    Monstercat – Best of Future Bass Mix 2016. It’s a huge conglomeration of like 15 songs. However, I rarely ride with music.

    in reply to: Fork Specs #209508


    With the new fork it has 140mm of travel. (RST Blaze 140mm).

    in reply to: Favorite Salt Lake/Park City Trails #209008

    All right, so I live in Salt Lake and know of some good trails.  Wasatch Crest, of course, is great, and a must-do if you’re in the area.  For some downhill action, really any of the ski resorts are great – Sundance, Park City, etc.  If you want a good mix of both, then the Bobsled trail is amazing.  It has a mile-long climb at the beginning that’s moderately steep, but then a super fun and fast downhill packed with jumps, tons of berms, and drops.  There’s also a fun trail all the way north in Bountiful that’s Mueller Park (Elephant Rock), with a 7-mile-long climb but then a 7-mile-long descent.  No features here and plenty of hikers to give you dirty looks, but it’s still fun.

    in reply to: Mountain Bike for Pre-Teen #208250

    When I was that age I had a Trek hardtail, a 4900 I think, which now resides with my brother in college.  It was a great bike and took a beating.  Yep, it was a Trek 4900.  It doesn’t have the most travel, but it’s an alright bike for the price ($1300).

    in reply to: Its been a while #208238

    Sync’r Pro is a great bike as far as I can tell, and the new Release 3 seems to be pretty sick.  I’d say try all the models from Diamondback within your price range out, and see which one you like the best.  If it comes down to two of them and it’s super close, they both seem very good, then just pick the one that you like the color or look of better.  Although if there are noticeable pros or cons, then definitely use those to make a good decision.

    in reply to: Help buying first mountain bike #208237

    I’d recommend the Raleigh Tokul 3.  It’s a great bike right around your price point (It’s $1.2k).  Phil Kmetz made a video on it that you can check out here:

    Good luck getting into the sport, hope you find a good bike that suits you well!

    in reply to: What are the best colleges for mountain bikers? #205928

    I’d probably say the University of Utah, but I could be biased because I live there…

    Anyways, Park City has a lot of trails, some resorts up the canyons have trails, there’s the Bonneville Shoreline trail, some dirt jumps laying around, and Moab is just a couple of hours away.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)