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    I appreciate that. I only run the southeast. Places like Atlanta, Birmingham, & Charlotte. So far I know i can park at Conyers in Georgia and Oak mountain in Alabama. What about near Charlotte, NC?

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    I appreciate the heads up. From the pictures of the trailhead, it definitely looks too small for a big rig. I’ll go to Conyers first, then another time I may look for parking near Blankets Creek.

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    Cool…thanks. Yeah, I was leaning on Conyers and Blankets Creek. I just can’t go too far away from Atlanta, but 30 miles or so would be alright.

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    Some pictures taken with a cell phone at Loyce Harpe Park in Mulberry, Fl:


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    We heard you the first time. 😆

    I guess we’re lucky in Florida were we keep the equestrian, hiking, and biking trails separate for the most part. I know I don’t like riding on trails covered in horse poo so it’s a good thing. At Alafia there are places were horses and bikes cross paths and the horses definitely spook very easily even if you ride very slow at a reasonable distance….another good reason to keep the trails separate. No bubbles no troubles. I won’t comment on the hikers because they usually don’t leave their poo on the trails. 😆 Usually.

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    Well said.

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    I’m all about sharing the trail. But how many articles do I have to read about hikers and equestrians protesting mt. bikers having access to their trails? Never seem to hear about it the other way around…hmmm. That’s the point I’m making.

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    "spazjensen" wrote

    i’ve come across people like that before on the trail. there was this guy on the trail (flat rock, ga) he is a jogger and is taking his breather, or rest or what ever, but he is right in the middle of the trail which is a drop off on one side and a wall on the other side (trail dug into hillside). I say excuse me so that I could maybe go walk by (slowing down as i come closer). he stubbornly, and blaintly stands in the same spot stands up straight, and looks me in the eye………………….since we are talking about stupid here, i’m 280 lbs., i’m on a bike that’s rolling, there is a steep drop off for a long ways down, he is about 5’4" and i would say about 160-170. in a head on collsion who would you think win the crash???……..stupid in my opinion…………..So i stop out of respect and manner. He proceeds to tell me that bikers are not allowed on this trail, it is for walkers only (all this in a loud demanding barking tone) and that need to turn the way that cam from and head back the truck and leave. This trail system is one that i helped create. It was created for trail riders, by trail riders. I know who ain’t allowed and is allowed. Walkers/joggers are allowed, but only so that the city would let us build these trails in the city park (its a big park, lotsa land). The trailhead sign tells people that bikers have the right of way out here. He disagrees with me on that. I just ignored him and shoved my way past him and continued on the trail how i was.

    So i feel ya man

    That’s funny. I guess he was lucky you were in a peaceful mood. Why do some hikers have to be so anal and think they own the trail and no one else should dare to disturb them? What’s even worst is when some knucklehead on a mt bike which should know better decides to stop and work on his bike in the middle of the trail right at the bottom of a huge and gnarly, rutted, washed out, hold on for dear life drop. I nearly took a bad spill because of some tool like that. He did say sorry, but I was too mad and kept riding because I wanted to educate him in a violent manner.

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    That sounds like something I’ve been dreaming about doing. I want to spend a week between N. Carolina & Tennessee. My real dream is to spend a week tooling around Colorado.

    in reply to: Custom 29er hardtail decision #82260

    Appreciate the feedback Maddslacker. Funny you should mention the Giant because I am seriously looking at the XTC1 and have already test rode the XTC2 and loved it, I just prefer the Fox fork on the XTC1. But it’s aluminum and I was thinking of a steel frame so I ruled out the Mamasita. I am looking at a Voodoo Dambala also. I’ll check into Waltsworks…thanks.

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    It’s not the fall that gets ya…it’s the sudden stop.

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    Kenda Nevegals are popular and a good all around tire.

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    I mostly ride solo myself but started out riding with a partner. I do like group rides, just not all the time. Your skills will progress much faster if you ride with people better than you. Like Mongoose said, try to hook up with people on Singletracks that live in your area to ride with when possible or try to make friends with people out on the trails. I’ve had many people ask me if they could tag along and I had no problem with it, I enjoyed the company. Once you get familiar with the trail you won’t mind as much to ride solo if you have no riding buddy. If you absolutely can’t find a riding buddy, just go for it but know your limits.

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    If you can’t help being on the trail then it’s understandable. Unfortunately I have run across and almost into a couple of knuckleheads that love to stop at the bottom of a steep drop and work on their bike right in the middle of the trail when there is plenty of room to move off to the side…very annoying and dangerous.

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    "Mongoose" wrote

    [quote="cujo":1uzzt85f]I just tell her to hush, because I am a mt. biking warrior and I must be at one with my weapon. 😛

    Now you are sounding just like a US Marine! 😆 😆 😆[/quote:1uzzt85f]

    I have to explain to her that I don’t just ride the trail, I attack it. 😛

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    Oh yeah, looks are definitely important…to me. If your bike looks good, you feel good about it. A happy bike is a good looking bike. I too catch myself just looking at my bike. Sometimes I stop to catch my breath while riding and prop my bike up against a tree just to stare at it. Sometimes I’ll go and open up the closet while I’m home just to look at my bike…drives the old lady bonkers. 😆 I just tell her to hush, because I am a mt. biking warrior and I must be at one with my weapon. 😛

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    A little bit of pain can be the best teacher. 😃

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    Here’s my pride and joy:


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    "GoldenGoose" wrote

    Seen that one before and yeah those guys are hauling some serious arse. But, I’d totally drop an elbow on one of them if I were one of the multiple riders in front of them that they just ran right off the course. Maybe I don’t speak French well enough but it don’t recall hearing them say "incoming" or "excuse me" or even "on your right" while they blew past people in the turns. Some were smart enough to hear them coming and get over but others had no chance.

    Here’s another DH Speed video for you if you haven’t already seen it. Turn up your volum so you can hear the commentators, they make the video.


    😆 That’s funny! Yeah those two weren’t the most polite DH’ers with their passing ettiquette. They should have waited a little and passed in a more safe and polite manner in better spots…but that’s just me. The course was sick though and had some serious exposure in areas. Man, I wanna ride that course on a DH sled.

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