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  • in reply to: choosing hardtail #112617

    I would go with the talon- not that I’m biased or anything 😃 . But the bike is built well


    in reply to: MTBing in the heat… #110853

    Here in South GA some days we’ve gotten up to 115 degrees. I’ve actually taken my water bottle and marked off 5 oz increments and have my fluid intake a bit more dialed in. I used to just drink what I thought I needed and after doing this I found out I wasn’t drinking enough. In hot weather it’s recomended a fluid intake of 4-6 oz’s every 15 minutes. This amount can actually go up a bit depending upon how hot it is. I stop every 15 minutes and take in 5 oz’s of fluid. My water bottle is 25 oz’s so I have a ride time of a little over an hour. I also keep a constant state of hydration. I also stopped riding with water and started drinking electrolyte drinks and that made a bid difference for me too. I also consume a sports drink / electrolyte drink 60 minutes before biking and then about 8oz’s of water about 15 minutes before starting my ride. With this hydration routine I have for myself I stay hydrated throughout my ride and my body thanks me for it 😃

    *I hate riding with camel backs unless on a long ride with no loops to refill fluids
    * Don’t forget about hydration after your ride- very important to keep replacing what you’ve lost

    "schwim" wrote

    You will never be happy if you expect a quiet Suntour fork over even the smallest dips and bumps. It’s a steel spring bouncing around in there and it’s noisy, heavy and terrible at it’s intended job. The fork is on your bike to meet a price point. If you want a fork that works well, is quiet and will shave at least two pounds off your bike, do like I did with my Giant Yukon and save up for an upgrade. I bought a new RS Reba on eBay for 200 bucks and it’s replacement of the suntour fork transformed my bike.

    The new fork made a big difference huh ??? 200 isn’t too bad. Not to sound like a big dummy but what kind of difference did it make ? does it smooth out the rough stuff at a higher speed or was it only noticed in the weight deptartment ??

    Sorry to hear the problems your having. The only reason I can agree you have a problem is the fact that I have none on my Talon -1 . That sux your having to go through the hassle of getting a LBS or Giant to repair a defective product. Something is not right here due to the fact that most Talon owners are very happy with their bikes. I looked at reviews before buying mine. I hope you can get the problems worked out. But, when you buy a product for the amount they are asking and it has 1 or 2 issues with it. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth. My Talon is all stock except for pedals and bar. Please keep us posted on the outcome


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    "mtbgreg1" wrote

    Did you try practicing clipping/unclipping for a half hour or so in a grassy yard before you hit the trail?

    This ?? and don’t worry it happend to all of us when we first went clipless. I don’t even care anymore if it happens 😃

    in reply to: Crank Arm help please #109557
    "jeremiahbwhite" wrote

    Just calling em like I seem em. square taper is low end, and I second the deore, your rings will last longer. As a clydesdale, either you are really lucky or know how to shift. Most Talon’s and Hardrocks need that right off the bat. By the way, I work on this shit everyday at my shop. Pretty sure I know cranks.

    One thing I usually manage to get right is my shifting. I almost never shift under any kind of load and if I happen to be in the wrong gear when I hit a hill- I just apply a little bit more power than I wanted to and pay the price when I top the hill. But- my cranks work flawless so I’ll keep them until I kill them. If I’m going to upgrade anything I’ll probably go with a new fork. But my OEM fork is doing just fine for now. It still makes me chuckle that someone would call my bike crappy 😃 I guess the old saying is true- " There’s always one in every bunch"

    in reply to: Man dies on the North Shore in a freak accident #109449

    RIP no doubt !!!! and like was said above- please be careful out there guys

    in reply to: Crank Arm help please #109554
    "ollysj" wrote

    A Deore Hollowtech crankset, would be an good upgrade…

    I looked at some of the nicer cranksets. I think I’ll keep mine as of now since no issues with it. If I’m going to do an upgrade- I think I’ll start with the fork first. But the bike performs excellent on the trails I ride so no upgrades until I really tear something up. The bike has held up very well for a clydesdale rider 😃 Even after a 6ft drop. But I’m not as heavy as I used to be. I had to sacrifice some muscle for endurance so I quit the power lifting and opted for leaner muscle.

    in reply to: Crank Arm help please #109551
    "jeremiahbwhite" wrote

    Then that’s a really crappy 1k bike. Square taper shimano cranks are super cheap.

    Actually a very good bike with middle components. The cranks work perfect for me and no issues until I didn’t do my job. So no reason to upgrade as I have no issues with them after lots of miles. You must not know bikes that well ? First time I’ve ever heard someone say my Talon 1 was crappy. That makes me chuckle cause your an idiot 😆

    in reply to: Crank Arm help please #109549
    "jeremiahbwhite" wrote

    Any Bikeshop that works with QBP could have sold you one for 9.99.

    I know and thought about it,but- on a 1,000 dollar bike I didn’t want to put a 9 dollar crank arm on it 😃

    in reply to: Crank Arm help please #109547

    Thanks guys- the entire crank set was cheaper than the one crank arm- which couldn’t be found anywhere.

    Thanks for the help guys and already ordered 😃

    in reply to: After wreck-Damaged bike & help is needed !!!! #108641
    "fleetwood" wrote

    [quote="cubanchurchill":94omilyh] If it is deemed unsound I’ll probably have my shop heliarc weld it if possible.

    A buddy of my cracked his old aluminum Trek frame at the seat tube. He talked to a local bike builder and a couple of shops and they wouldn’t touch it. He did get it welded by a neighbor (who knows zero about the structural integrity of bikes) and doesn’t ride it any more. If the bike pros determine yours is trashed, you might want to think twice about welding it and taking it back on the trail.

    Good luck though. I hope it turns out to be superficial.[/quote:94omilyh]

    Thanks Fleetwood and I’ll be sure to ask them about weld repair before being done. It might come down to lesson learned about control placement and I wasn’t hurt other than missing some skin. If needed I’ll replace the frame. Safety first 😃

    in reply to: After wreck-Damaged bike & help is needed !!!! #108639

    Yeah- my brake lever hit the top tube. My set up is slammed but still has the spacers. I just inverted the riser for more aggressive Riding position and also added flat bar. The gouge is about 2 mm wide and 1mm deep. If it is deemed unsound I’ll probably have my shop heliarc weld it if possible.

    in reply to: After wreck-Damaged bike & help is needed !!!! #108635

    It’s an aluminum frame. I didn’t think it’s trash but wanted opinions. As a Quality Manager it’s all about numbers. What % of material reduction until it’s no longer structurally sound. I just don’t have those numbers and doubt anyone at Giant would give them to me due to liability issues.

    in reply to: Hey everyone ! #108430

    Welcome back buddy !!!! 😃 and welcome to the Forum

    in reply to: Hey all #108320

    Welcome and thanks for your service. Looking foward to some good pics of your area 😃

    in reply to: Well, I didn’t have the itch for very long…. #108188

    Come on Schwim ????? You’ve been around enough to know that when you get a new bike you gotta post up some pics 😃

    And congrats on the bike

    Man – this thread sux !!! could someone please Delete this ???

    JK- but I couldn’t resist 😃

    in reply to: STICKERS!!!! #107814

    I got mine yesterday and already on the car. I’ll post some pics when I get a chance

    Thanks for the stickers !!!!!!

    in reply to: This is how you know… #107221

    Looking good !!!

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