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    No I didn’t…I was bummed. By the time the first training class let out I could have gotten in a couple hours of riding but we had one thunder storm after the next. Thought about getting up early the next morning and going but the strong storm at 5:00 am woke me up and continued through the morning when the second round of classes started. Of course when I had to leave for home late that afternoon things were clearing up. But thanks for the info, I’ll try again the next time I’m there.

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    Thanks for the info fleetwood, I’ll check it out and see where to ride. I just hope work doesn’t get in the way of riding!

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    Sweet…thanks for the info. Never really stopped in Fredericksburg other than to eat when traveling so I don’t know what all is there. I’m bringing the bike and hope to get away from work to do some riding. 😃

    in reply to: Reddish Knob in Harrisonburg, VA is a must ride #101745

    Reddish is awesome…I’m an hour north of Harrisonburg and also ride Elizabeth Furnace and the other trails in Fort Valley (more rocks). Definitely worth the trip to Hburg, we parked at Briery Branch and rode the 7 miles up the paved road to Reddish with the trails as our reward. Brakes will be smokin’ and watch for boulders, a friend taco’d his tire near the bottom. GWNF has some of the best trails around and Shenandoah Bicycle Company in town has some great folks that can help with anything. Highly recommend it!!

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    snakes that won’t move off the trail when you’re flying down it. 😀

    in reply to: How many riders do you ride with? #95594

    Me, myself and I most of the time but I usually try to get in a ride around work & family schedules so firends aren’t available when it works for me. Have a couple of freinds I ride with maybe once a month. Now that I think of it, I haven’t been on a big group ride before. That might be fun a couple of times a year but riding solo lets me push myself and get a good workout in too.

    in reply to: What did you get or do for Christmas?? #94123

    Knowing that cash was going to given from my relatives, I picked up Rock Shox Recon forks early and was able to use them on a few rides before Christmas. Gonna run them some more tormorrow!! 😃

    in reply to: How do you use your trainer? #94083

    I bought one (Kinetic Rock & Roll) this past summer thinking I would spend alot of time on it this winter. I’ve been riding trails in the cold & snow and having fun but still hit the trainer when work doesn’t allow for driving to trails. I have an old wal-mart bike on it with a slick tire and usually ride it a couple of times per week. I track my time, 45 min to an hour, and estimate my milage based on the gears I’m using, don’t have a computer on it yet. Usually I stay in the higher gears and keep between 16 and 18 mph changing gears when the legs burn, ride easier for a while and go back to higher gears. It came with a workout dvd (road bikes) that I previewed and they alternate from higher to lower gearing at set intervals to maximize your "training zone" over a 60 minute period. Gonna try it soon to see how out of shape I am 😀 But just like fleetwood mentioned, I’d rather be on a trail 😃

    in reply to: New Danny MacAskill Video #93431

    Awesome video again…never get tired of watching him ride. I watched it with my kids the other night and it was around 3,000 views…just checked and its up to 478,000+ 😃

    Thanks for the heads up on this Goo…didn’t know it was out there, I signed up and voted. It looks like the count is 319 promoting and still 278 demotes. Also check out the What’s Hot column on the right of the page and vote on any other mtb items.

    in reply to: A few pics from yesterday’s 50 miler #93118

    Great pics…to me this is the best time of year to hit the trails. I haven’t been on a 50 miler before, this gives me a goal to shoot for, thanks and have fun!

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    "steve32300" wrote

    I think your user name is pretty cool crossroads….Robert Johnson fan?????

    I changed my user name recently because a friend and I were listening to songs on my phone as we rode some trails. Skynyrd’s version was playing and I thought that would be a cool name rather than use my own. I’ve always heard Skynyrd’s and Claptons’s cover of the song and thanks to youtube I can go back to the originals too. I like to listen to Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Jimmie Rodgers, etc. every now and then, good stuff!

    in reply to: Post Pictures Of Your Rigs Here! (Part 2) #70596

    Nuthin’ fancy…a good trail bike with a few small upgrades. ’09 Trek 4300…added Mach1 Sub-Zero rims, Avid BB7’s, Shimano XLR derailleur, Alivio shifters.

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