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  • in reply to: Gloves without annoying seams #291649

    Just hang in there a couple rides, the seems on Fox gloves are so cheap that they will rip in a couple rides and then you can buy some Dakines, which feel bulletproof in comparison.

    in reply to: Thoughts on purchasing used from Winter Park #290661

    Agreed-that season pass is a really nice incentive and pretty much offsets paying sales tax for a used bike.

    in reply to: Thoughts on purchasing used from Winter Park #290603

    Really appreciate the feedback, Bike Nerd.  Your point about buying a 3-year old bike is a really good way of framing it.

    in reply to: Found-backpack at 18 Road trailhead on October 20th #289336

    Thank you both. I’m not on FB anymore but feel free to share a link to this thread!

    in reply to: What MTB trend do you want reversed? #289197

    at the risk of lighting a match, i’ll add E-Bikes:

    Ever been grinding up your local and some joker flies past you with nary a word of warning almost sending you into the bushes? First you think, damn that dude is fit even if he is rude, then you realize you’ve been dusted by a fool riding a motorcycle.

    I get that they are a much needed profit driver for bike companies but they put unskilled riders on trails above their capabilities. Riding mtb is hard, you need to be very fit to do it and you need to earn those skills with sweat equity. If you haven’t done the work, you are just riding in terrain way above your capability to manage it.

    I hear some of the enduro’s are actually adding ebike categories. Here’s a suggestion guys, just shorten the transfer stages and no one will need a motor.

    The other day I saw a gorgeous new road bike on the back of someone’s car and on closer inspection realized that it was an e-bike. The amazing thing is that for the money they spent on the e-bike, they could have gotten a bike well under 15 lbs. So who needs a motor when your bike weighs as much as a footlong sandwich?

    There are exceptions certainly, old folks should be enabled to shred the trails on these things and hey, if you are physically disabled in any way, of course you should be encouraged to get on the trail and ride one of them.



    in reply to: Found-backpack at 18 Road trailhead on October 20th #289179

    Hi Jeff, it was empty except for some socks and a newborn baby (I mentioned that, right?). It’s a nice pack so I’m sure someone got home and had a real Oh Sh$t! moment.

    in reply to: Recommended Podcasts? #113137

    Great, Ben-thank you. I’m subscribed. I was surprised at how hard it was to find some MTB listening so I’m looking forward to it.

    in reply to: White Ranch in Golden Colorado #98200

    I would love to hear some people’s favorite routes around this trail. I know that I need to take Belcher up but how should I get down? Longhorn or Mustang? and how do they differ?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)