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  • in reply to: Dropper Post #181204

    I may have already done that.

    in reply to: Dropper Post #181190

    Amazon Prime right now has the Fox DOSS dropper for $165.

    in reply to: Who else wants to try riding a 36er? #181189

    I have a rule: no wheel diameters larger than my inseam. (Which is why I no longer have a 29er) 🙁

    in reply to: What is the most you have ever paid for a bike? #177586

    $4200 for a leftover 2014 Ibis Ripley. (for my daughter. I have a Ti hardtail)

    in reply to: What's your go-to, after-ride beverage? #177585

    I’m kind of burned out on IPA’s. Lately I’m into Full Sail Session Black Lager. I also recently discovered Eddyline Brewing Jolly Roger Black Lager. It’s incredibly tasty and comes in 16oz cans.

    in reply to: Women-specific vs small mens bike #177584

    Also, the current Anthem Advanced 27.5 is a really nice bike for the price.

    in reply to: Women-specific vs small mens bike #177583

    A true women’s-specific design has a shorter top tube in relation to the seat tube. This is to address the fact that most women have longer legs and a shorter torso as compared to men of the same height.

    Notice I said most. If you are not built like this, then a small men’s bike will be just fine. My daughter happens to be in the latter category with short-ish legs and a reeeally long torso. She ended up fitting best on a men’s medium Ibis Ripley.

    To further confuse the issue, companies like Santa Cruz build the Juliana women’s line on the exact same geometry as the men’s but with pretty colors and thinner bars/grips. So if you want pretty colors, but don’t fit on an actual women’s geometry, Juliana is a good choice.

    in reply to: Mountain Bike Vacation #127106
    "Steve Harper" wrote

    With a decent night life.

    If you have energy for a decent night life, then you’re not riding hard enough. 😉

    in reply to: Need a late May destination… Oregon? #126929

    Why not Fruita, Moab or Sedona?

    in reply to: Tubeless issues…. #126599
    "slipfinger" wrote

    Leave the tubes in for a bit so the tires take shape, week or so should do the trick.
    I’ve had to do this a few times with new tires that would not set-up no matter what I did..

    +1 for this, I have had to do it with certain tires as well.

    in reply to: Titanium Fat Chance #126518


    in reply to: Hey, nice rack! #126503

    But mine came with the keys and lock cylinders … 😎

    in reply to: Hey, nice rack! #126501

    I run, uh, Thule roof racks. I also have a 1UP rack for my fatty.

    I scoured Craigslist and got all my Thule gear for a song.

    in reply to: XT shifting issues #126443

    Good catch. A bent hanger would give exactly the same issue as the loose mounting bolt.

    in reply to: XT shifting issues #126441

    In order, check the shifter indexing knob, then the wear on the chain and cassette, then the hanger alignment (there is a tool for it or you LBS can do it).

    My money is on worn out cassette.

    in reply to: Has anybody tried GPS Track Editor? #126429

    I too use gpx editor, and have never sen this one. I downloaded it to give a try.

    in reply to: front range rides #126322

    Hidden Mesa and Green Mountain are good, assuming we don’t get snow tonight.

    in reply to: Giant Maestro suspension #126301

    The short answer is no.

    The slightly less short answer is that the Stance employs a different frame design that is missing a pivot point and instead relies on frame flex at that junction.

    in reply to: cold weather gloves #126282

    I’m pretty happy with these: … loves-mens

    For extreme cold I can put mittens over them, but I haven’t had to yet.

    in reply to: rim strips #126204

    I have those wheels and they came with rim strips.

    You can pick them up pretty cheap at the LBS or online.

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