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    I wear one in, almost all the time. I live in a forest area and am well aware of the animals that may pop out. Solo rides as well as in groups I wear one as I am usually left behind, until they stop to wait. My music enhances my ride, the flow of some of the tunes, goes hand in hand with the flow of the trail or ride. Do you watch the mountain bike videos that have music attached to them. It enhances the videos, why not my ride. I am courtesy and more often than not, will turn off my music if we meet someone on the trail and stop to chat. I have never run into anyone because of an earbud in and my music is not so lod that I can not hear my surrounding area.

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    Truth be known…. I didn’t even see this until today 😮

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    Hi did you have any success finding out some info on these trails?

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