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  • in reply to: Post Pictures Of Your Rigs Here! (Part 2) #70635
    "Jeepmb" wrote

    Just keeping the forum fresh so you don’t go through 6 pages to see the latest bike. Here’s my bike, took my life savings to get it…
    I’ve added fenders for riding around the neighborhood in rain (I’m 15 and this is my primary/only transport!) and much mud, scratches, duck tape, and new tires and grips there’s my bike.

    I know this post is from 07 but I still cant get over how good this bike looks!! Dont know if you will read this Jeepmb, but I think that blue frame is awesome! Nice fuel 😀

    in reply to: Lets talk shorts #95946

    I have learned to love tights! At first you feel really goofy looking like youre Buddy the Elf but once your friends are freezing cold and you are the only warm one, looks dont really matter to much! 😉

    I like Specialized but then again thats the only brand Ive ever owned. (Im in school right now lol)

    in reply to: Online MTB Chooser/Filter #95456

    Once you have found a bike, search around locally cuz there are usually alot of steals. Craigslist is where its at!

    in reply to: Backpacks?? #95459

    Well I dont have any backpack suggestions but I do have sn idea that maybe you could do if you are going to do the hydration setup. Most backpacks have that "media player" (so they call it) hole at the top where most people slide there headphones through for music but instead Im sure you could slip the tube from the reservior through that hole. Just cut out the cd player pocket so you can get everything going. After typing that, I just realized thats probably what you did haha. Hope this helps!

    in reply to: Cyclist Victory #94942

    Geez that dude was freaking out! It took me awhile to figure out why the driver came out on the right side.. 😆

    in reply to: Atomic hubs??? #92705
    "83stumpjumper" wrote

    What company made or makes the MTB hubs that had the radiation logo on them? I feel like I remember seeing them in the mid 1980’s.

    was it Atomic Aircorp?

    in reply to: Tubes- presta or schrader? #91513

    oh okay! I just get the slime ones at walmart when i need too. feel kinda stupid asking that 😆

    in reply to: Kind Words from Elected Official. #94660

    Yeah Big Creek is just a great trail system and I would hate for this to happen. if they do follow throgh with this plan, where else would i ride local? Think of all the events they hold! that would be a big loss to the community.

    in reply to: Question about 2×10 #94520
    "trek7k" wrote

    I don’t know if this is legit or not but I can "nudge" the FD on my trigger shifter by pushing forward a bit without "clicking." This is esp. true on my road bike.

    yeah ive done that a few times on mine

    in reply to: I learned something the hard way, ouch. #94636

    or a straw… ?

    in reply to: GoPro HD Hero 960 problem… #94584
    "Pinz71" wrote

    When you hook up an external storage device (such as an external hard drive, your GoPro, etc) to your Mac, and delete files from it when it’s connected to the Mac, you need to empty your trash before removing the device from the Mac. Otherwise, it wont show those files are there, but they”ll actually still on there taking up space… Pretty lame Mac thing IMO, but can’t hose you once you know about it.

    Another option, go into the settings menu on your GoPro, click the power/mode button until you see "ALL" displayed, and then press the shutter button a twice (once to select delete all and the second to confirm it). That will delete all the files from the SD card and I’m pretty sure it reformats the SD card as well. Hope this helps.

    thanks man its finally working! trail time 😃

    in reply to: GoPro HD Hero 960 problem… #94582

    alright! i wanted to get a bigger one anyways. thanks for your help!

    in reply to: Tubes- presta or schrader? #91511

    Do they make the slime tubes for preta valves? Thats the only reason i use schraeder

    in reply to: GoPro HD Hero 960 problem… #94580

    i put the card into a card reader but the computer didnt recognize it. nothing showed up. not even the reader.

    in reply to: Electric DH bike conversion kit #94351

    lol you could zip to work on this

    in reply to: GoPro HD Hero 960 problem… #94578
    "maddslacker" wrote

    Try reformatting the SD card in your computer. in ‘My Computer’ or ‘Computer’ right click it and choose format. Use all defaults, except make sure it is set to FAT32.

    If that doesn’t work, try another card in the camera to see if you have a defective card, or a defective camera. If it’s the camera: it’s warranty time…

    i have a mac if that chages anything

    in reply to: Electric DH bike conversion kit #94349

    kinda surprising the power that little motor puts out

    in reply to: Is MTBing really all that "Green?" #94544

    It certainly is better than if you were gonna go ride atvs or a dirtbike. No exhaust fumes lol. but also it jsut puts you in a green, enviromental mindset (atleast for me)

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