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    I’m not sure what you mean by paying $25 a month to see the trail maps.  I’ve never paid anything and have been using the website and the Topo Maps for years now.  Go to the trail page you want to look at and click on Topo Maps.  Pretty much that simple.

    in reply to: Baggies vs. lycra / spandex for mountain biking #216720

    Baggies, no question.

    in reply to: Best shoes for platform pedals #216719

    “If you do ride five tens, are they really the best ever?”        YES!!  I’ve tried a few others and yes 510’s may seem expensive by comparison, but you truely do get what you pay for in this case.  You gotta’ pay to play…

    in reply to: Biking near Sacramento and Lake Tahoe #216718

    GREAT areas to ride near Roseville.  Go to Roseville Cyclery for the rental.  Oliver and his guys can hook you up with a good quality bike.  As for trails, there’s some great trails just up Hwy 80 from Roseville in Auburn – Confluence, Clementine, Culvert & Connector (4 C’s) and Foresthill Divide to name a few.  If you want to go up the hill more towards Tahoe, there’s always Northstar Bike Park and Tahoe Rim Trail.  If you REALLY want some fun, go to Downieville and catch a shuttle up the hill for an epic 16 mile (mostly) downhill ride.  A trail search on Singletracks for trails in theses areas will give you lots of good info.  Enjoy!

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    Thanks for the input. I will get the proper trailhead to you. Forgot about the offline check-in. Funny thing is I tried that once while on Foresthill trail and when I went back online it gave me 4 trails to choose from, none of which were Foresthill. I’ll give it another try though. Thanks again.

    I agree. Who rides that fast without looking at the trail in front of you?

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    As you would expect this time of year pretty dry. I don’t know how new the "additions" to the short downhill are but the jumps were pretty cool – even for an old guy like me!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)