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    I agree with the comment to “not over-think it”.  Last year I spent months researching brands, components, builds, reviews, etc.  I had a list of 5 bikes, demo’d them but couldn’t decide because they were all very similar with slightly different feels but none of them really stood out.  The LBS suggested I demo the Ibis Ripley LS which wasn’t on my list, so I took it out and within 5 minutes I knew what bike I was getting…I didn’t want the ride to end.  Everything was similar but the Ripley fit me perfectly and there was no question then and no regrets now.  I’ve made the mistake of buying without demoing and those bikes typically haven’t lasted.  Demo a variety on a trail you typically ride and one will stand out.

    In the category of bike you are looking at, give a look to the Ibis Ripmo.  I hear it’s is awesome on the descent and climbs like a smaller travel trail bike.

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    While Moab, Fruita, and GJ areas certainly have fantastic trails, the riding hours are very limited in July due to the heat. I would target alpine areas at higher elevations. SLC and Park City or Bend, Oakridge and Mckenzie River in Oregon or pick your spot in Colorado (outside of SW).

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    I owned the 2010 Trek Fuel Ex 5 and I currently ride the Giant Anthem X 2 29er. Unless you are just getting into mountain biking, I would not recommend the Fuel Ex 5. The components are lacking and it is heavy to pedal up the hill. I wanted to make too many upgrades about a year after buying it and decided it was more cost effective to buy a new bike. The fuel has a great frame and EVO suspension (although comparable to the Giant Maestro suspension) but the wheel set, fork, and brakes are weak. If you can find a close out deal on a the 7 or 8, you would be much better off.

    I love my Anthem. It does only have the 4" suspension but the 29" tires give it a plusher ride. I felt instant confidence in riding the Anthem. If you like to climb, that is your bike. Again, if you can find a close out deal on a 1 (or at least the 2) you get much better components than the 4. One upgrade I made when buying the Anthem was the brakes…not a fan of avids so I had the bike shop trade out for Shimano.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)