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    "Xerien" wrote

    why just kneepads? Reason I ask is: When my kid gets bloody from a bike spill, it has never once been the knees. Usually elbows and forearms from getting defensive. The legs are still tucked in with the bike. And in my own bloody spills, ditto. Arms, shoulders, hips, shins (pedals and branches,) and even my back, but never a knee. Plus, those straps on kneepads are just annoying…

    I bought my kids of pair of leather gloves, a helmet, and insist the wear a good pair of shoes. I might look into some elbow/forarm (dont slide when they meet your glove at the wrist) for them. I’m padded (POC is expensive but comfortable) from head to toe when I ride my 36" unicycle in high gear. 😮

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    Resurrecting this old thread to say I’ve outfitted my kids (girl 9, boy 7.5) with a couple of Trek MT 220’s and my dream of having them join me on the local single-track is nearing reality. We’ve still got some mounting and dismounting issues to iron out but they will get there. Sticking to the paved rails-to-trails greenways for now. As far as quality goes, the Trek is leaps and bounds better than the Walmart special I got them last year and i spent (CraigsList for $150 each) about the same.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)