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  • in reply to: Why do you travel to mountain bike? #351123

    I just finished, hope it helps.

    in reply to: Is Corona Virus impacting your riding plans? #308640

    Yea, I had a planned on doing a trip to Laos, Taiwan, and Mainland Japan this year and I had to cancel them all.

    in reply to: what mtb shoes do ya run #303385

    I am running Shimano MT3.  They are pretty good.  I do plan an trying the Mavics next time.  The Mavics seem to be a little more comfortable when I recently tried them on in the store.

    Mountain bikers become the “whipping boy” again!

    in reply to: What's your relationship with tubeless tires? #250937

    I just swapped over to tubeless tires about two weeks ago.  I have two sets of rims.  One for street tires and one for mountain time tires.  The mountain bike set up was the first one I changed over and I made a mess.  I think my wife wanted to kick me out for that one.  I learned a lot from the swap.  I ordered more tools to make the change easier. The injector by Stan’s made this change 75% easier.  I got the tire to seal, let the air out of the tire, then injected to sealant into the tire.  The got rid of 95% of the mess. I have put over 80 miles on the street tires with no issues.  I have run over everything from palm tree branches to giant snails (I currently live in Okinawa).  When hit just right the snails will cut a tire.   I have not had any issues since swapping over to tubeless.  I hope it stays that way.

    in reply to: Cancel Your IMBA Membership – Send a Clear Message #230560

    Nice!  I just quit donating.  I actually had donations coming strait out of my check going to them.  Canceled that.  I also had donations going to them from stuff that sold on Ebay, just cancelled that too.

    The more I ride the deeper my budget gets.  When I first started back in 20 years ago, $400 was my max.  Now that I am getting more an more time in the saddle I spent $1,300 three years ago and already looking to upgrade.  I think I can spend about $4,000 and feel good about it.

    in reply to: What keeps you from riding in the winter? #229706

    +1 Alvin as long as it is above 0 I am fine.  Anything below that I have a hard time keeping my toes warm..  Once my feet get cold it is time to turn it in.

    in reply to: Just starting. #229482

    For best result of mountain biking in the area get in good with the locals (Bike Shops).   All of the trail I did except for the trail around Landstuhl were with Germans.  They love mountain biking and hiking.  Just ask around!  They will get you hooked up real quick.  I was riding every Wednesday night with a local group.

    in reply to: Just starting. #229463

    I am with Alan.  Ride till it breaks.  Find out why type of riding you like to do Cross Country, Enduro or Down hill.  Then when you upgrade, you know what to be looking out for.  In the meantime you can holler at my man Frank Dressler at Wheelsports in the K-Town area and he can hook you up with maintenance and a good deal on a Bike when you are ready.  They also do Mountain bike rides every Saturday with lessons during the season.

    in reply to: Wireless Bike Computers #221218

    The only bike computer I have experience with is the Garmin Edge 500 and it is great. I have it paired with the cadence and speed sensor and it works really good . To keep the cost down I ordered it re manufactured  from Garmin and got it over half off with the same 1 year warranty. Highly recommended.

    in reply to: Trust worthy online mtb shop??? #221109

    +1 on Nashbar with the lifetime warranty.

    in reply to: What bike rack do you use? #219028

    I have a trunk rack for the car and a hitch rack for my truck. I understand the thought with the scratching of the car. I just pay to have it fixed one a year. I cover the trunk with a thick beach towel to minimize scratching.

    in reply to: Need some Advice on Beater FS Mtb #219027

    What is your goal for your final bike. Mountain biking or just a simple ride to work?

    in reply to: Baggies vs. lycra / spandex for mountain biking #216578

    Cargo shorts with tight underneath. I don’t like the look of tights.

    in reply to: How often do you wash your mountain bike? #215678

    Whenever it needs it. When I ride dry conditions I usually just wipe it down. When I encounter muddy conditions it gets a deep clean.

    in reply to: Tips for preventing leg cramps #214558

    You have to start hydrating at least 2 days ahead of time.  I remember when I was in Germany I planned a 26 mile ride.  It took a lot but I didn’t drink any beer for almost a week and I drank a lot of water and power aid for 2 days before the ride.  I also consistently drank water throughout the trip.  I didn’t get crams until the very end because the ride ended on a steep incline.  Hydration and your fitness level is the key to avoiding cramp when I ride.  I hope that helps.  Make sure you add in some healthy high carb meals in there too.

    in reply to: Best vehicle for mountain biking? #209545

    I am with the truck guys on best vehicle.  I own a 04 Silverado SS.  Not the best on fuel but has all the comforts for the long hall with 4 or 5 adults and their bikes.

    in reply to: FUJI BIKES ARE WAY UNDERATED #206214

    I was tempted to buy one before I bought my current bike but from what I have read they have the worst customer service.  That is a deal breaker for me.

    in reply to: Do you have insurance for your mountain bike? #204944

    My renters insurance covers everything in my house and my auto insurance covers everything in and on my car.  No need for extra insurance.

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