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    I have a Fuel EX 9.8. The bike is a Swiss Army Knife of riding ability. I ride it regularly in FL and NC and I have found it to be as compliant climbing up technical Pisgah as bombing down Ridegline in DuPont as blowing through the pine roots in the panhandle of Florida. With the Fuel EX you also have to ability to run either 29er and up to 27.5 plus size wheels. The Mino Link allows you to make changes to the head tube angle to change between XC and Downhill geometry. I did buy it a size larger than my hard tail as I found myself cramped between the seat and handlebars. My hardtail Superfly and has a much longer top tube. Since I have gotten my Fuel EX it has become a clothes rack though. If you can afford it recommend going carbon. They are all over eBay and quite affordable. Good luck!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)