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  • Where I lived in south western NH, I had miles upon miles of abandoned dirt roads and rail roads, snowmobile trails and old logging roads to explore from my house. No transportation of bike needed. As for trails, nothing mt bike specific, many hiking and hunting trails to follow. Always fun to explore.

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    How many breweries have there own in-house bike company? I can only think of Oskar Blues Brewery in Longmont, CO. Besides great beer like Dale’s Pale Ale and Deviant Dale, they also have REEB Cycles (for the slow that is beer spelled backwards) With the HQ of REEB being at the location of one of the breweries restaurants, "CylHOPS Bike Can-Tina" … -pale-ale/

    "Ride More. Drink More. Work Less"

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    I would ask the forums at or the visitor tab.

    Most hotels are about 15-20 minutes to FATS. A lot of places near I-20/Washington Rd or Riverwatch. These are close to downtown Augusta, chain restaurants, etc. The only time to avoid is the first week of April, there is this little golf tournament going on.

    I live close by and have no first hand knowledge of any of these. Now camping (if you are into this) head to Petersburg Campground, 10-15 minutes away and have Bartram trail that goes right by it.

    My wife and I do sneak off to Aiken, SC once or twice a year and stay downtown. This is 45 minutes from FATS. Aiken Brewery has some good food.

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    I have been doing a lot of trail running in the last few months. With that in mind, I just started a training plan to do a 50k trail run in March. Trail goals.
    1. 50k trail running race
    2. try bikepacking
    3. continue riding with my wife/kids
    4. some long rides (rumor has it there will be a mt bike marathon race in my area in the fall)
    5. explore more gravel rides in my area
    6. just ride, ride, and ride.

    Gold plated discs also…….how much will each stop cost? or d you just collect the gold dust?

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    I grew up on MA/NH border and would x/c ski and mt bike (before fat bikes) on the snowmobile trails. During the day it is quite safe. Even at night I had no problems. As a precaution I would wear something bright (hunters vest). The thing about following established routes are that many restaurants along the routes have easy access, which means a place to stop to warm up and eat.

    Links bellow are for NH. There are many local snowmobile clubs that maintain trails. I would look into them and see about their use policies. I did most of my riding in north central MA and south western NH. Also some of these routes use logging roads and abandoned rail road beds which also make good riding in warmer months. … or_Map.pdf … fault.aspx

    Bikes were allowed in Wilderness Areas ’til the 80’s when they changed the rules. A hiker explained it because it was a mechanical advantage thing, if that is so, snowshoes and skis should be banned also. that being said, there are some place I do believe mt bikes should not be allowed because of fragile ecosystems or other factors. However i have seen damage done by hikers in areas that have taken years to recover. Why is this ignored in the hiking community when mt bikes are brought up?

    As someone that grew up and lived most of my life in New England, I have seen how hikers have approached other trail users let it be bikers, horses, or even trail runners (aren’t they just fast hikers?) as arch enemies to nature. I have also seen/heard bikers do the same to other trail users. IMO, we as bikers, hikers, equestrians, skiers, snowshoes, etc. should be working together in preserving trails/nature instead of fighting with other trail using groups.

    When I hear Roubaix, I think of brutal cobblestones, NOT Specialized. This is just a big name being a bully.

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    "Honey, I am just checking out that bike? I do not want it, I already have enough bikes."

    You know nothing about n+1

    "The bicycle is the noblest invention of mankind" – William Saroyan

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    What is everyone’s reaction when they see an "old school" bike out on the trail? When I take my Trek Antelope (91) I get many that mention they had it or similar bike. with many of those wishing they never got rid of it.

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    I object to Guinness being a heavy beer. It is light, therefor it "floats" on Bass. Also has 10 calories more and about the same alcohol amount as bud lite.

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    Last weekend I ran into three different groups from Charlotte at FATS. All were having a blast and mentioned they wanted to come back. Drive is about 3 hours. If you do come and camp, hit Petersburg Campground which is ten minutes from FATS but also has 18 miles of Bartram Trail with more miles you could add to it.

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    Took my first after work ride in 3+ months. Felt great. Not sure if it was because I was on the trail or because i was following my daughter on her first night ride.

    For the last 3 months, PK had cross country practice 3 times a week 6:30- ? Instead of just dropping her off, myself and a few parents did practice with them. Realized it doesn’t matter if it is trail running or riding, the hour or so on the trail after work is a wonderful way to relax.

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    I could leave my doors unlocked with the keys in it and a thief would leave a note saying "No thanks" and may even leave a few bucks t help me buy something newer.

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    "stumpyfsr" wrote

    Congrats, Brian. Soon Daddy will have to push real hard to keep up 😀

    After "Bring a Kid Mt. Biking" event earlier this month I offered that my 11 year old daughter is available for training rides. One of my biking friends wanted to take the offer up, more to shame his boys because of her riding skills. She lead the group and at one spot slammed on her brakes in the middle of the trail. i almost crashed into her. When asked why she stopped she pointed up the trail 10 feet and said snake. It was a copperhead about 3 ft long sunbathing in the trail. Made dad proud of her trail reading ability.

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    Great article, great pics…….I want to play bike polo.

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    Have you tried different grips? I use Ergon GP2 on my bikes. comfy with short bar ends to change hand positions. Also you should have light hands on the grips.

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    Since part of the NFS and BLM lob is to lease the land to miners, loggers, cattlemen, etc. Are these suspended also? For some reason I doubt it.

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    The Bakers Dozen will either have to find a new location or canceled.

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