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  • in reply to: Shortcuts :( #215024

    Perhaps some big logs or rocks as that’s what they are trying to avoid 😉


    in reply to: Profile Pic #126454

    Thanks, Im logged in using Facebook but I still get the default avatar 😢

    in reply to: Creating a trail map #126457

    Id like to make a 3d carto9on like map that you see at many trail heads

    in reply to: 1x Conversion Advice #125881

    I went with a 1X10 set up this year,, 32 on the front and added a 42t wolfstooth on the back. Hardly ever use the 42 but its there instead of the small front chain ring. AWESOME setup, ditched the front defailer and shifter,, added a left dropper and Im good to go

    in reply to: Map Submitted #126451

    Thank you sir!

    in reply to: Best Pulaski #126367

    Thanks! Looks like Santa (Mrs) has one under the tree.

    in reply to: New Trail System #126358

    Thank you!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)