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    Emergen-C is a great idea. The powder has ton of vitamins in it, isn’t salty, and actually tastes pretty good. I’ve tried it at home but never biking. Sometime I’ll add it to my water and see if it’s any good out on the trails.

    in reply to: Any road cyclists out there? #69310

    I just recently got a road bike 😳. It’s a Specialized Sequoia with Tiagra components, a carbon fork, and carbon seat stays. I’ve been enjoying riding it when I can’t get to dirt, when my mountain bike is in the shop, and in preparation for a 78 mile road ride I’m doing. I don’t really care if it isn’t hard core because it is tons of fun.

    I’ll check out the new web page for road biking. It looks like it might be really interesting. Thanks!

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    I normally don’t put anything in my water bottle, but if I had some gatorade powder, I would put it in my water. Sometimes I bring a bottle of Gatorade instead of water too. Now that I have a CamelBak, that habit is fading though. But back to Gatorade. I think it makes a difference and restores energy quite a bit faster than water, so if you can find the powder, I would try it!

    in reply to: New to the board #71908

    I was just on the chutes today again. It’s always a blast for me! Going down is worth anything it might take to get up. I love that trail!!

    I guess you’re right about Gold Camp Road. It can be nice to train on. A fairly gradual hill, trails branching off left and right, the works. The top could be considered a fire road too. Works for me!

    in reply to: Enough speed…. Need distance? #69343

    I really don’t care what I eat for breakfast unless it is really epic or fast. Then I’ll eat a ton of protein and carbs. And I’ll drink a ton of water. It seems to work well for me!!! Bring tons of food on the ride too. No matter the weight, it’ll pay off in the long run.

    I guess I should try BK sometime because I haven’t before. Doesn’t sound like a half bad idea…

    in reply to: Finding new terrain #70006

    As long as it isn’t going to get me killed or completely lost, I’ll ride it with a group. I’m a little more careful if I’m riding on my own though because I don’t want to do anything stoopid!

    in reply to: Got a "home" trail? #69114

    I love the Stratton Open Space trail system in Colorado Springs! I end up doing a ton of riding there. It’s just a great network to practice bunny-hopping and all your other basic skills. I love the chutes in that area too. They provide a great downhill if your in need of one!

    in reply to: What is your favorite trail? #70296

    My favorite is The Chutes in Colorado Springs, even though that doesn’t mean much given how mant I’ve ridden…

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    Captain Jacks is good riding, but it’s gotten a bit worn down lately. Once you get farther in though, it’s good riding! I personally love the chutes and stratton (they’re on the other side of Gold Camp Road). Columbine is pretty nice too. Lots of great trails in the area! Anyone know why Gold Camp Road is on here as a trail?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)