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  • in reply to: Best vehicle for mountain biking? #210045

    I dont have one but I would suggest a Honda Element with AWD it has a rubbermaid interior, it is funny looking but that makes it good for interior space, you could get a hitch rack or keep the bike inside. I think mid 20s for mileage. I have known 2 people who had them and the cars were reliable as heck. They came with a built in inverter. I think the back seats fold down to a bed as well. I think they stopped making them so only option is used.

    in reply to: Narrow wide chainring: Do you still run a chain guide? #207540

    1×11  11-46 xt derailur race face N-W chainring, no need for a chainguide even when pedaling backwards.

    in reply to: MTB Sock Height: Low, Mid or High? #207539

    Summertime low, winter high.

    in reply to: Northern Georgia/Tennessee Singletrack #206951

    I think Mulberry gap is closed but the trails should be open. I would go there and check with the LBS. Otherwise I would check out Chattanooga.

    in reply to: Wear earbuds riding on the trail? #191145

    I wear headphones not earbuds, on less technical trails when I ride alone. I keep the volume low and try to check behind me often. I would say 70% of joggers I come up behind have earbuds in and have no idea I am behind them. no worries just take it easy. the music helps drown out the other voices in my head.

    in reply to: need help finding a bike #186660

    I just picked up a new Specialized Rockhopper for 700 but they have the Hardrock line that is just below and comes in a 29 size wheel and disc brakes. worth checking out.

    in reply to: This bike bell is seriously dope #186547

    I saw it 2 weeks ago, within 5 minutes I had made my first kickstarter investment.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)