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    "Devin_P" wrote

    That’s great, they’re a good club. The guys (and girls) at BRAMBA are too. How are the Spillway trails these days? I moved down to the Tampa area (can’t seem to get that to change on here) so I’m not around there much anymore. On the plus side, there are two IMBA Epics right near me. Score!

    I have been with NOMAMBO for four years now and I have been on the Race Team for three. I am good friends with a lot of the BRAMBA folks too. The spillway trail is great shape. It was flooded a few years ago when the corps open the locks but it is better than ever now. We have new berms in a section of the trail and it is longer then ever too. We are knocking on 6 miles of trail. replacing a few of the bridges is on the agenda before we add anything new though.

    Hey, IMBA Epics not a bad trade off, LOL. I will have to look them up and put some of the on my list.

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    I have a left on my 2009 F4. Purchasing the lefty was one of the best choices I have ever made. Absolutely love it. I say if you have the capital to get it, go for it. The thing is just so responsive and light. The new lefty, 2013 and newer, were reworked and don’t have the issue of the bearings slipping down and maintenance is not bad either. My left is a 2009 model and after three years of use, I just had it serviced. Total cost including shipping was well under $200. Overall, I don’t want to ride anything but a Lefty now and highly recommend it.

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    "Devin_P" wrote

    Welcome. There are some good trails and good people near you.

    Thank you. I am a member of NOMAMBO so I know all the good people you are talking about.

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    "nickrm" wrote

    Welcome! I too am from Louisiana. Hit me up some time. I am always itching to ride Comite/Hooper

    Absolutely, I enjoy riding Comite and Hooper. I even enjoy going to the Beast from time to time. Do you race?

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