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  • in reply to: This guy sued his parents over MTB crash injury #184001

    Except he’s 15, which at least in the US, his parents are still responsible for him. ┬áNot to mention a blood sucking lawyer will try to get money wherever they can.

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    Thanks for the insight. Like I said, the wheel in question is only about a month and a half old. It’s warrantied. If things start to break or get too crazy I’ll just take it back repeatedly till the warranty is up.

    in reply to: I have an annoying creak from the rear wheel. Need ideas. #127708

    It was fine since I last posted here but the other day I started to get a slight creak again. The rim really needs to be put on a truing stand but even if the wheel takes a crap it’s warrantied so I’ll definitely be taking it back. It’s also only a little over a month old. I ride it pretty hard and I’m not a light guy so it’s taking abuse which is why I assume I’m having issues. That or there’s something wrong. Is it unheard of to use a light thread lock on spokes?

    Just wanted to post a thank you to everyone. After some suggestions I ended up tightening a few loose spokes and today I got the chance to go for a nice ride in the woods. Not one single creaking noise from that back tire so it was definitely the loose spokes. So there’s yet another thing for people to check out when they are trying to track down noises. Still need to true the wheel. There’s some slight deviation but it’s not bad at all. Certainly not noticeable when riding. Now to post up a new location and some GPS info for people. Thanks again.

    Thanks. That stand looks like a good price. I saw one on Amazon (would have to find the link again) for like 50 bucks but I’d rather have one people have used and recommend. Maybe I’ll order the one you linked instead. I already have a bunch of different sets of spoke wrenches, including the Park ones. One things for certain, if I ever lose any, I’ll have plenty to spare. It’s one of those things where I misplace them, then just buy a new set cause they are relatively cheap, then find the old set.

    Well yesterday I went into the shed to work on the bike since it was pouring rain around here and I was greeted by a flat. I seriously just need to go tubeless. Found a few spokes that were definitely loose compared to the rest and tightened them up to match the rest (by feel). May buy myself one of those Park Tool TM-1s and either make or buy a truing stand. The wheel could definitely use some adjustment because it is not entirely true but not that out of whack. Today I hope to get back out on the trails to see if tightening those spokes resolved my issue.

    Thanks for the help, schwim. When I was lubing the spokes the other day I had noticed a couple felt looser than the rest which seemed odd to me but I didn’t want to do anything to do them at the time. Maybe they are the culprit.

    Cool. I’ll try that when I get home from work. Is there a rule of thumb to follow when tightening them or should I make them feel about the same while making sure wheel stays true?

    I don’t even have to be sitting or standing on it. If I press down on the bike seat while slowly moving the bike forward or backwards (no crank rotation when going backwards) I can find the exact spot of the creaking sound. It’s definitely the rotation of the tire at on specific point. Wondering if something like loose spokes can cause a creak but if that were the case, wouldn’t the tire not be true or round? It definitely quieted down after greasing where spokes came in contact with each other but the sound was still there then progressively got worse through the ride. Appreciate the help BTW. Hate noises that don’t belong.

    in reply to: Hey all, new to the site… #127685

    Oh cool. Thanks for that info. Wasn’t sure if I was doing something wrong or not.

    in reply to: Hey all, new to the site… #127682

    Now if only I could figure out why the trails I’ve submitted have been pending for days. Went back to one of my old stomping grounds when I was a kid yesterday and another place on Monday. Recorded GPS data for both and put them up but it just says pending submission. Today I intend to map out another trail system that’s not in the database.


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)