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    😆 wow, I feel bad for whoever created this device. It is going to flop. As an idea, it is a good concept; it would be cool if you could change tire pressures while riding and it was really light. But I feel like a contraption like this would far outweigh the benefits.

    I also noticed on the website that I couldn’t find any weight listed for the system–usually a sign that they are trying to hide just how heavy it is…

    in reply to: Wrecked Tektro Brakes #108237

    Being a bargain biker myself, one option I definitely recommend is looking on eBay for a set of used Avid’s, Haye’s, Formula’s, or any other good brakes. You can find some really good deals for some good brakes. My friend and I have gotten numerous deals on slightly used parts. For instance, my friend recently bought an X-9 rear derailleur and shifters for probably about a third of retail price, and they are in excellent condition and work great.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)