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  • in reply to: Breezer Storm Expert 29 #178143

    Ok actually I used to have a breezer storm and came VERY close to buying the bike you are describing but in the end i went with the upgrade to the fuji tahoe 1.5 for the air fork. But i had test ridden them and done all the research there is on the planet on these things and they are really nice bikes so if you are thinking about it my advice is to go for it.

    in reply to: Scar check! #178142

    Like most of the other people here I have numerous scars but one that seems especially ironic is this. One day I was at my local trail which at the time I was doing 5-6 times a week in the evenings. I had set a personal best that day had a great ride then in the parking lot I somehow managed to skid out on some loose gravel in a celebration tail whip and slice a nice 4 inch scar in my leg.

    in reply to: build a mountain bike #125998

    Just an update i did end up buying the tahoe and i LOVE IT. the air fork (manitou) is such a big difference from the coil one i used to have (sr suntour). handling is great and it feels snappy and solid but i can still easily control it. i love this bike and im about to go get some new rims and tires and go tubeless. anyone with a nearby fuji dealer in the market for a nice hardtail well i fully endorse this bike as one of my favorites (iv ridden a lot of bikes including yetis, treks, specailized, salsas, more fujis, breezers, santa cruzes, giants, and scotts and i LOVE MY BIKE)

    in reply to: presta vs schrader #126112

    ive heard that presta valves are a lot more "tune-able" or precise if you will. meaning they will be able to let you dial in the exact amount of pressure you want better than a schrader and for people that have an exact pressure they like to ride this is a big deal to them and presta just makes it easier

    in reply to: Gym Workouts #127408

    i dont go to a gym but i do work out at my house with equiptment and i workout 5 times a week 2 upper body 2 lower body and one extreme cardio on top of all my biking
    so basically what im saying is i keep my leg day as well ad biking (mountain biking) im just a bit slower on those days

    in reply to: Racing #127545

    i just talked to the guy at my LBS and hes gonna work with me and im looking at about 200 for wtb rims for tubeless (much nicer than my current) with rims spokes nipples and something like a TCS trail boss front and back so im gonna get some work done then go with that option

    in reply to: Racing #127543

    ok thank you i think i will try that the advice is much appreciated

    but to be clear you are saying that it is better with new tires but they dont need to be tubelesss?

    in reply to: Racing #127541

    thank you very much are the jerseys you use skin tight or loose fitting?
    and my wheels are not tubeless ready nor are my tires (but i need new tires anyway) can i somehow make them tubeless or will i need new rims

    in reply to: 1×10? #127483

    ok thank you

    in reply to: 1×10? #127481

    he is slowing as far as top speed which is why im thinking maybe a 34 because the cog i use most now is a 30 but i stay in the 6,7,8,9,10 gears on the back

    in reply to: Racing #127539

    also i am looking for easy upgrades to make myself and my bike faster
    right now im riding a 27.5 hardtail not setup tubeless, stock everything, it has remote lockout air fork xt rear deraillure, deore crankset and front derailure 3×10 setup aluminum stem bars seatpost and everything else i use clipless pedals and love them
    just looking for any good upgrades the cheaper the better

    in reply to: Racing #127538

    also i generally just wear like an athletic nike shirt and shorts when i ride is that good? should i get something else? and i know i may be getting ahead of my self but where would i go to get a sponsorship?

    in reply to: 1×10? #127479

    thank you my only thought is i recently set my friend up tubeless on a 32 tooth and hes having a hard time cuz how slow he is now

    in reply to: Coming out of hiding to shed a few pounds #127493

    i normally do a decent amount of riding (a few times a week) but im thinking it wouldnt hurt to lose a few pounds. any special tips or training regimes?

    in reply to: Coming out of hiding to shed a few pounds #127492

    i normally do a decent amount of riding (a few times a week) but im thinking it wouldnt hurt to lose a few pounds. any special tips or training regimes?

    in reply to: North Carolina, Brevard area #124993

    i love both dupont and pisgah but dupont is defiantly easier for beginers but also while you are there you should check out braken mountain its by the music club thing its a really fun trail with a very long steep climb to start but then you get to ride down the other side

    in reply to: Clipless or Flats #127187

    i have made the switch to clipless a few months ago and it is honestly the best things i have done as far as bettering my skills. i am so much faster and more confident i would strongly recommend to anyone

    in reply to: MTB video music #127437
    in reply to: MTB video music #127436

    here is a link for what i have as of now but im heading to blankets creek this here soon so im hoping to do some filming up there and post after i get back

    in reply to: RockShox Pike #127422

    awesome thank you very much

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