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    It’s only a ten mile ride; I can do it at the edge of dark in an hour….   And I don’t need no frigg’n light.  Oops.


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    On the long 8 hour drive to the cabin, I realized I forgot my water bottle at home  (I carry a backpack but just don’t like the weight of water on my back). Stopped at a Walmart, bought a cheap bottle, filled it full of water, put it in the freezer the night before and then promptly forgot it as I was leaving for the trails.  Realized I left it back at the cabin, bought another one at a bike shop and then went to the trails. That night, I put the newest in the freezer, next to the first one, got up in the morning and drove to the trails, where I discovered I left the the water bottle in the freezer. Again. Back to Walmart for a third damn water bottle.  Sheesh.

  • in reply to: Hard Tail with Dropper, help! #263322

    Late to this party….  I’ve been on my Roscoe 8 for a bit under a year. Love the bike and had I seen your post earlier, I would have, with extreme bias, steered you that way. I did go tubeless. My home trail (on my property) is laced with black locust thorns and tubes didn’t last one ride. I changed grips and flat pedals and am quite happy. I am going to change the dropper post so that I have a longer drop (can’t remember the name but it just got reviewed in Mountain Bike Action).  I have no issues with the brakes but do occasionally ping the cog during heavy pedaling.  Otherwise, the best $1K I have spent on a bike.

    I’m headed to Hayward WI for riding this weekend and can’t wait. Happy riding.

  • in reply to: Harsh but kinda true? Trail runners are lazy #263187

    Some of this could be ignorance. The local trails I have been on have little signage as to who is maintaining the trail, much less who to contact. You have to do some digging. And not all of these trails have websites. I’m a dual user too and am often traveling for work so I can’t help out on a dedicated trail work day so I donate where available (and belong to two major organizations) and pick up debris when I seeing, regardless of where I am at.  But I guess I would fit his standard of a parasite because I can’t help out on a given night.  I don’t think it’s that black and white.

  • Old thread that got bumped but this is still relevant today, given tariffs and what not. I have worked for US manufacturers (different industry) and was always amazed that my plant had to be this and that and located in the US before the contractor would consider my product and then, sell me down the river for a nickel. I lost that strong sense of nationalism a long time ago but if the quality, price, and features were the same but the service was not, I would buy from the better service company. When we’re guilted into buying from someone based on location and then their service blows, location doesn’t matter. When service excels, that wins for me. So, would I like to support local?  Yes. And I do but only when service is good.  I try to buy good product but from good people, not asses.  And when they try a marketing sham as noted above, that’s crap too.

  • in reply to: 2019 trek remedy 8 vs #248448

    Mountain Bike Action just did a review of the 2019 Remedy.

    Edit:  Well, delete that. It was if the 9.9 and you’re looking at the 8.

  • in reply to: I need another bike. #248281

    I  bought a Roscoe 8 a few months ago and it has great control. I’m assuming you know to do a serious test ride before you buy. Frame size is critical; I’m 6’ and ride a large frame and it fits me well. The dropper post really helps with manuals because it makes it so easy to get behind the seat. I’ve only been able to put 300 miles on it, but all trail miles, and it climbs great, descenda good and corners fast. Manuals and wheelies are fairly easy but doing true bunny hops has taken some work.

    Happy hunting for the new bike.

  • in reply to: Minimum Ride? #246184

    I no longer worry about the miles or minutes, it’s about the experience. One recent week I did a 22 mile ride preceded by a 7 mile ride. They were both awesome and while I did look at my mileage/time, that wasn’t my purpose. I agree with making the effort worth the time but again, the main purpose is the experience,  less you’re training for a race.

  • in reply to: Do you ride "on" or "in" your bike? #245221

    That’s a big difference, having your remote break and then having to set you saddle at one height for the entire race. You’re going to have to experiment and find what feels best for you, just in case this happens again. Bike, trail and so forth all would have to be taken into account. .

    For me, I would set the height just below my middle range, that way I would have a larger range of motion for a trail ride. I could still drop back behind the saddle and get low for descents or then easily stand and crank for hard sections. If the saddle is too high, there would be sections of the trail that I wouldn’t be comfortable with. I have better control and balance, both sideways and forward/rearward by being in the bike so I would go that way.

  • in reply to: Do you ride "on" or "in" your bike? #245130

    Ditto on the dropper post comment. I rode a long trail tonight and when I hit the more technical climbs, I dropped the post and was “in” the bike, rather than “on”. I made that mistake once (being on going up) and about fell backwards. Um, duh on my part.

    Once I hit the flats areas I hit the pedals hard, raised the post and blasted down the trail on the bike. So, it depends on the terrain and comfort level, but I do both. I’m probably in the bike 65% versus on at 35%. That’s a rough guess.

  • in reply to: Advice please #244943

    They still make kickstands?!?  OK, seriously, I don’t know of anyone who uses one, from roadies to mtb’rs. And I spend my money on dropper posts and other such stuff as well; that stuff is way more fun when compared to something that a tree can do for me. So, skip parking lots and avoid getting snags in rock gardens by ditching the kick stand. Soon enough you won’t ever remember you had one

    Thats my 2.8 cents.

  • in reply to: Share mountain bike deals here #244932

    Shimano GR7 shoes for $82.00 from ProBikeKit. List price is $130. UK company but they ship worldwide. Just takes a bit longer to get stuff but I’ll post how long the wait is….


  • in reply to: Parts: LBS or Online #244392

    I needed pedals (I wanted XT) and went to a LBS and he charged me $20 more than what XTR pedals cost.  I understand needing to make a profit but I’ll never go back to that guy. I also won’t ever refer anyone to him.  Several weeks later, I went to a different LBS for a new helmet and he gave me a discount even though I didn’t buy my bike there. He then took the time to give me directions to a local single track and proceeded to give me details on the trail as well. He won my business and I will refer buyers his way.

    I check online prices and am willing to spend more for the same thing local at the LBS but if I’m going to get jabbed, no thanks.  I don’t understand some of these shops with their pricing and then, lack of inventory. Do they not know we have options?  I just had to find the right shop and I think I have.

  • in reply to: How do you "accidentally" drive a car on a MTB trail? #244391

    ‘I suspect Iowa (the location of the story) has quite a bit more of these same types of “roads”.

    Rural Iowa roads generally aren’t tree lined; they’re lined with corn.

    I too suspect alcohol as this is a state that doesn’t get respect when it comes to beer consumption.


  • in reply to: Creaking noise #244295

    I’ve had this go both ways; loose crank and most recently, bad pedals.  My recent issue sounded like it was the crank but when I upgraded pedals, sure enough, it was a bad right pedal. So, checking the easy stuff first can help.  Nothing worse than riding a new bike and it creaks and moans….  So, no more creaking for me.

  • in reply to: I need another bike. #248447

    I went from a Specialized Hard Rock with clipless pedals and it seemed like you could practically twirl the bike any which way but it had 26” rims so going to the 27.5” rims plus back to flat pedals has taken some getting used to. The bunny hops are my fault, not the bike’s. First time I went to pull one, um, oops, no clipless pedals, no back wheel lift and I barely got my shoes back on the pedals. And I was going fast.

    One complaint I heard people make about the Roscoe was the brakes. I seated mine right off the bat and haven’t  had any issues. I’ve gone down a lot of steep hills, applied both brakes, and for me, they work great.  Yes, they’re are better brakes, but this isn’t a $3K hard tail.

    Only complaint I have is when shifting uphill, it seems a bit difficult not to crunch the gears if I need to shift. Easy thing is to not shift but that’s not always practical.

    I just think this bike is a great value. Everybody has their preference but for me, this hit all the right points and didn’t kill my bank account.

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