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  • in reply to: Opinions on Motobecane Boris X9 Fat Bike #125405

    I have it on pre-order. Should be shipped at the end of August. I’ll keep you posted on how the Boris performs! I see bikesdirect.com now has the Night Train for sale. Looks interesting!

  • in reply to: Looking for trail system to ride close to Knoxville, TN #124230

    Thank you very much for the info! My plans unfortunately fell through for this Spring… Hope to get down there soon though. I’ll keep you in mind when I eventually get down there. Thanks again!

  • in reply to: 29’er Spooked Spokes ?? #122085

    I have the exact same hubs and wheels (mine are converted to tubeless). I noticed my spoke tension was off shortly after I purchased my bike. I rode with them like that for quite a while not knowing any better (and the place I bought if from obviously did not bother to check them either). Never broke any spokes, but the wheels were definitely out of true. I took it to my LBS and they needed to true both of my wheels. They have worked great since then. The reviews I have read on these wheels are all over the place…

  • in reply to: WTB TCS tubeless tire on Tubeless Ready rim #117832

    It took a little effort to get the tire to seat on the rim properly. Make sure you have a high psi air compressor when you initially mount them! Other than that, there was no trouble. I love the tire. 😃

  • in reply to: "Grab the shotguns Junior!" #121523

    What a great way to combine two awesome sports! Much more quite than an ATV, plus you get a good workout! Just looks like I found another good excuse to pick up a fat bike! Might be a little tough dragging a deer out… Turkey would be doable. I found out if your a hunter and a mountain biker, you MacGyver about anything! 😃

  • in reply to: Trouble with SRAM x7 rear derailleur #121046

    Yeah…. After doing a little research on how to properly align the hanger and how precise that needs to be after I got home, I was not too impressed with the "eyeballing it" job…

  • in reply to: out of shape lol #119879

    Welcome to MTBing!

    I would have to say MTBing is more of a work out than running or jogging (not to mention a hell of a lot more exciting). I did a pretty good job working out this winter and my first couple rides in the spring killed me. I agree, you do use different muscle groups. My wife just laughs when I come home with a new scrape or bruise. The pain is all worth it!

  • in reply to: Should I wear a helmet for biking? #117558

    Like the rest of you, I completely agree, helmets are good and should be worn. I don’t necessarily believe we need the government to step in and create a law requiring them… I always wear one when MTBing. I do believe safety equipment can give us a false sense of security. There is nothing stating safety equipment is 100% effective. Obviously, helmets (or any other safety equipment for that matter) are most effective when worn correctly and we are riding within our skill level.

  • in reply to: First day of work #119017

    Congrats Greg! Those are two huge accomplishments. Love this website and glad to hear you are now part of it full-time.

  • in reply to: Recommend me a good repair stand around $150 #118661

    Check out the Feedback Sport Mechanic Stand on Jenson USA. I bought one a few months ago and love it! Great quality for the money. Great reviews for it too. $149. http://www.jensonusa.com/Feedback-Sport-Mechanic-Stand

  • in reply to: First MTB race advice #117768

    Thanks! Might be in over my head, but that’s what training is for!

  • in reply to: WTB TCS tubeless tire on Tubeless Ready rim #117830

    Thank you!!!

  • in reply to: What? You want me to ride a road bike? #116280

    Mountain biking turned me back on to bike riding again. I like MTB riding because I get away from traffic and civilization. Road biking just seems so boring… To be completely honest, road cyclists are a bit annoying on the road because they think they own it sometimes. Sorry, don’t mean to offend any road cyclists out there… Being clipped my a side mirror also does not sound like much fun. I’m going to have to bite the bullet and break out my old Schwinn Crisscross and get out on the road, or maybe I’ll stick to the state trails. I need more saddle time to prepare myself for some races this year.

    @Stl Greaser, I like the cycle cross idea!

  • in reply to: It’s better to drink beer after exercise than water #116767

    I thought beer dehydrated you? Oh well, not going to agrue with the article! I’ll have to test this one for myself! PBR Me ASAP! 😃

  • in reply to: No more Sette tools..! #116571

    I have found out with tools you usually get what you pay for, especially if you plan on using them quite a bit. Check out the reviews from diffrent sites also. That will give you a pretty good indication on the quality of the product.

    @dgaddis, as far as stands go, I just bought a Feedback Sport Mechanic stand for $150 and love it.

  • in reply to: Bike Repair / Maintenance Manual #101840

    I recently just crossed that bridge myself of attempting my own maintenance. I picked up, [i:3tqgnp67]The Bicycling Guide to Complete Bicycle Maintenance & Repair[/i:3tqgnp67] by Todd Downs. This book is pretty informative and also goes through the theory and some of the physics behind the components to give you a better understanding. I have found that no single source is perfect though. I would recommend a good repair book such as this one. Just don’t limit yourself to one source. Like the previous posts said, check the internet, and of course, forums on singletracks are also a great resource.

  • in reply to: Can’t get stem tight enough on steerer tube #116066

    Here is a picture. Probably could see it better if I took the top cap off. They took out the blue spacer (I am holding) and replaced it with the black spacer. Only a couple mm difference. I am thinking of lowering the stem further down on the steerer tube even more. Still playing around with where exactly I want it. Going to to do that job myself though.

  • in reply to: Can’t get stem tight enough on steerer tube #116061

    Maybe I do need to find a new LBS that has a little more experience…. Still pretty new to the MTB scene. Still figuring out all the how’s and why’s. All the input you guys provide sure helps.

  • in reply to: Can’t get stem tight enough on steerer tube #116058

    I have always had great service at the LBS where I have my bike taken care of. The person who serviced my bike was a younger college kid who has always been a great resource for me. I will cut him a little slack. He couldn’t believe he missed that either. Yes, I was a little disapointed with this issue. I’m glad I caught it before it ruined my day on the trail. I am slowly learning how to repairs and upgrades myself so if anything goes wrong, I’m the only one to blame.

    @ slipfinger, I will post pictures soon.


  • in reply to: Can’t get stem tight enough on steerer tube #116052

    Alright guys, finally have an answer (no pun inteneded). I just picked my bike up from the LBS and turns out when they put the stem on, one of the spacers was just a little to big, so the the stem sat up just a little too high on the steerer tube. They switched out the small spacer with a little smaller one. The stem is solid and tight now. The spacer difference was only a few mm. Again, thank you all for your input, it was greatly appreciated. 😃

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