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    Using MuleFut 65, did them tubeless using the provided rim tape and went over that with TYVEK clear tape (For waterproofing house wrap seams, 11 bucks >100 feet), use hot, cheap, cross tip screwdriver to melt through TYVEK tape for Stans valves. Then mounted tire with tube and pressurize to 30# let sit an hour.  Deflate, break bead on one side only (Plenty of youtube vids on this) and pull out tube, put in valve, remount the pulled side.  Mine blew right up (Cake Eaters 4.5) , reseated bead with hand pump, pull valve core and let air out, add Stans (Go to local pharmacy store and get 10-20mL oral syringe for < dollar, tip fits valve, pull out plunger and use like little funnel) clean valve inside with wet q-tip (Stans is water soluble wet), replace core, pump up to close to recommended tire max, shake and roll tire to distribute Stans. Wear brain bucket

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