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    "Bonsai-CP" wrote

    Yeah there is bro, but there are some that don’t. I do not drink like I used to, though a beer or two after a ride does make it even more worth it. R&R….. 😆 😄

    Though, I do think some take it to extreme and end up getting hurt or getting into an accident going home. Seen it here locally with some local and non-local riders. I am not into drinking & driving, though nothing wrong a beer or two after a ride. 😉

    [color=#0000FF:1i0l8akj]Drinking and Driving is not a smart thing to do. It took my 2 to learn my lesson. Now I don’t drink hardly at all, but your right one or two after a ride is alright[/color:1i0l8akj]

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