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  • in reply to: Boulder, CO End of May #124633

    Didn’t look like anyone mentioned Apex Park (up Chimney Gulch, down Enchanted Forest!) in Golden, that’s one of my favorites 😃

    in reply to: Help! Online Race Registration? #124645 seems to be the most popular in my neck of the woods. Always been quite happy with it, although I’ve only used and a handful of times.

    in reply to: road trip CA / Utah / Nevada / Arizona #121475

    If you’re in Las Vegas you should check out some the of Blue Diamond area trails. A little more XC-oriented the Demo forest or Downieville but worth the stop. Cool shop there, and you can ride the trail network right from the parking lot.

    in reply to: I have a question regarding my bottom bracket #121268
    "d_cushman" wrote

    Sorry, not true. 9 speed chains are narrower, and you need narrower chainrings. I don’t know what a "b32" BB is….where are you reading b32? The S600 utilizes two types of BBs, so make sure you get the right crankset for the right BB: square spindle ([url:1ocri9ar][/url:1ocri9ar]) or Power Spline ([url:1ocri9ar][/url:1ocri9ar]) spindle.

    Then, like you said, new FD, a RD that can do 9 speed, shifters for 9 speed, and a 9 speed cassette. This could be a serious overhaul….

    Yeah you’re right, touche. I was thinking this was a 1×9, so no front rings/ramps to worry about.

    in reply to: Best way to protect frame from chain slap #121447

    Go the hardware store and ask for rubber mastic or insulated electrical tape, that’s the ticket.


    in reply to: Need new pads #119388

    Used the POC knees before and they do fit like a glove, even though they’ll break the bank.

    Highly recommend the 661 Evo line, incredibly light and comfy, and you can pick them up for a reasonable price on sale. Not sure if they have that for shin/forearm though, these are hard to come by in a "softshell".

    in reply to: I have a question regarding my bottom bracket #121262

    Yeah it should be just as simple as swapping out the cassette/derailleur 😃

    in reply to: Can I run tubes in a tubeless tire? #121325

    You betcha. Just pop the stem out of the rim and you’re good to go.

    in reply to: I have a question regarding my bottom bracket #121260

    Not sure I follow; why do you need a new crankset for a 9 speed cassette? Are you going to a 1×9?

    in reply to: creaking noise! #89543

    Don’t know how precisely you’ve located the sound, but pedals could be the culprit as well.

    in reply to: Dropper post length #117042

    Have you looked into the Crank Bros Kronolog? Great dropper post, external routing, competitive price. And one 5’10" rider to another, I use every bit of the 125 mm of travel.

    in reply to: Learn new tricks #114186

    Everyone’s technique advice is spot on, but I’m not sure I agree about the bike. IMHO, learning on BMX would be a great way to improve your all-around bike handling skill, particurly if you have access to a pump track or something equivalent to practice on. It’s no coincidence that a lot of top riders started out racing BMX as kids.

    Obviously you’ll want to practice all this on your MTB as well, but if you’ve got some cash burning a hole in your pocket I’d do it.

    in reply to: Semi-slick for MTB? Need some opinions, please. #114040

    A Park/Urban/DJ tire might be good fit here (fast on hardpack/pavement, hard compound, cheap). I’d check out soemthing like a Maxxis Holy Roller. Should be able to find ’em for less than $25 a pop.

    in reply to: Moab vs Fruita? #113897

    Gotta go with Fruita on this one (if you include the whole Grand Junciton area), it has more progressive, bike-specific trails than Moab (PBR at 18 mile road is the latest example of this). I love the classics in Moab as much as the next guy, I think Fruita’s got it as far awesomeness per mile.

    in reply to: recovery fromcracked ribs #112277

    Pretty sure I cracked a rib a couple days ago, so I feel you pain. Feels fine as long as I don’t need to breathe. Best thing for it was a bit of retail therapy, got to replace the handlebar that I bent between my ribs and the ground.

    in reply to: Help understanding the "U-Turn" adjustment on my fork #112762

    Yeah, that’s definitely not working. Try this (disclaimer – small loose parts): Take out the screw on the adjustment knob and it should lift off, revealing a bearing assembly with a number of ball bearings sitting on it. Based on what you’ve described, I’m suspicious that the plastic piece holding these bearings will be broken somehow, resulting in out-of-place or missing bearings.

    I’m not actually a RockShox expert, I just play one on TV. This just sounds exactly like what happened to the Pike on my old trail bike. If this is what’s wrong, it’s a pretty cheap fix, but you probably need to get it looked at either way.

    The permanent solution is to ditch RockShox and get a Maverick fork while you still can 😃

    in reply to: tube blowout #112703

    If there’s a nut, I’m assuming these are presta? Either way there are a few things to consider:
    – Personally, I toss the nut. IMHO it’s more apt to cause damage at the base of the valve than prevent it. If you need it to get the pump on the valve, get tubes with longer stems.
    – Don’t worry about the tire, that’s not your problem if its failing there.
    – Examine the stem hole in the rim. You could a nasty edge or burr that’s cutting it.
    – Last but not least, try a different brand of tube. Every one is a bit different, and some perfectly respectable manufactures make flimsy, sh*tty tubes.

    in reply to: Clicking sound from my Ghost AMR 7500 #109771

    Hmm. In that case, Is it related to the gear your in? And can you get the noise by just spinning the cranks (not riding the bike)?

    in reply to: Clicking sound from my Ghost AMR 7500 #109769

    Huh, first time I’ve heard of Ghost…

    Is the frequency of the click related to your (a) pedal cadence, (b) speed only, (c) none of the above, no rhythm?
    Based on that, I’d guess:
    a) Probably a front derailleur adjustment thing, it’s just the chain hitting the derailleur. Could be a stiff link in the chain. Could also be a BB problem, but let’s hope not.
    b) Narrows it down to your rear wheel or hub.
    c) Could be something loose and wiggly in the linkage

    my $0.02

    in reply to: Im pretty new #109742

    Yeah, what he said. It sounds like you’re making your ulnar nerve unhappy.

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