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  • in reply to: Full size rider advice #235095

    Thanks to everyone for your input on this one. It’s been a couple of months and I’m happy to say… my friend bought his first mountain bike Today!

    I let him ride my Salsa Beargrease a few times and he surprised me! Apparently he has wah more leg strength than I have him credit for. After just a few days on my fat bike he opted for a plus. One of the LBCs had a 2017 Jamis Komodo 27.5 plus. He test rode a few and liked the Jamis best. This evening we took it out for an 8 mile maiden voyage on a scenic local trail along the lake shore. This was really his first time on dirt. It’s nothing more than a service road, but I’m thinking he is hooked!  The ankles work good with pedaling and he is claiming zero pain, which isn’t the case while hiking or walking. Look for a new member joining our ranks in the near future!

  • in reply to: eMTB Race Being Held at Sea Otter this Week #231736

    Kinda like motocross. The bikes are matched really close so it’s up to rider ability.

  • in reply to: Clydesdale rider in iowa. #231487

    I would also suggest Craigslist for a quality used bike. I don’t have any experience with airborne so no input there.

    When purchasing any used bike ALWAYS be sure to check it over thoroughly.  Especially if it has suspension.  Personal experience is why I mention this. I don’t want to scare anyone… I just want them to be safe.

    Other than that… check the adds and see what’s available! I totally get that bikes are ridiculously expensive. I’m a Clydesdale myself and have a whole fleet of them.

    Glad to see you getting back into riding!

  • in reply to: Full size rider advice #231471

    Since the pedals swivel and your feet don’t have to always be flat to the ground… I think he should do fine on some easy stuff. I doubt he will ever be much for really big climbs or technical trails. I’m assuming that most, or all of his riding will be done in the saddle. Standing up would probably create some weird ankle angles, but we’ll see. He is a pretty determined guy! We have such a variety of trails available in our area that I’m sure we can find something.

    Thanks for the input on the bike! I’ll forward the information to him and we can see what he wants to do.

  • in reply to: Moab for the first time #225241

    Thanks for all the input!

    None of us knew about outerbike going on during our trip. That will be really cool.

    With these suggestions I’m sure I’ll have a great time. Thanks again!

  • in reply to: Mountain biking at night: What questions do you have? #225217

    I love riding at night!

    My biggest question is why don’t more people do it?  When summer is hot and crowded it’s really nice to get out and enjoy a ride. The trails you are used to riding will take on a whole new personality.

  • in reply to: Is cyclo cross taboo? #225132

    Cross is so much fun!

    In my home town we have a few very generous fast guys who come out about 6 weeks before the season starts and do a weekly clinic. I’m learning things I didn’t even know I needed to know. I highly recommend finding something similar if you can.

    As far as the race goes? Get warmed up, like breathing hard and starting to sweat warmed up. As soon as the race starts you hit redline… and hold it at redline to the finish. It’s the most grueling and painful 45 or 60 minutes of your life… But as soon as you cross that finish line you will understand why you do it. Then hang out and recap the race over a few cold ones with friends and fellow racers. It’s like no other racing I’ve done. The attitudes, the fun, the new friends… It’s all at cross races.

  • in reply to: Dropper Posts #222877

    I ride all over the Northwest and with a variety of climbing and downhills I have found the dropper to make things more comfortable.  The variety of sitting positions makes it great for adjustments to fit the ride.  After 2 years with a dropper, I cant imagine riding without one.

  • in reply to: What's with the new boom box trend? #222723

    I’m probably the odd one here. When I rideI I wear one ear bud and keep the volume reasonable so that I can hear others coming. People always tell me one ear bud is strange… but it’s a way I’ve found to have music and safety.

  • in reply to: How do I know if I should enter a race? #195181

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I was in the same boat last year. I really wanted to give racing a try, but just didn’t know where to begin. I signed up for a race and got my ass handed to me but had the time if my life! The people were fun and friendly and shared words of encouragement.  I’ve raced in about a dozen now and feel like I’m progressing nicely. Normally I’m a mid pack cat 3 rider but I do have a second place finish and one first place at a small local event!</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Once again I say go for it! If the bug bites you like it did me you will have a blast!</p>

  • in reply to: Trailside coffee? Off a mule? #194457

    I’ve added a couple if pictures on the trail where this last was.

    Re: Woman who Killed cyclist goes to prison

  • in reply to: Trailside coffee? Off a mule? #194455

    Thanks for the support! I’m not affiliated with them, just a customer. I think it’s awsome to have something as fun as a pop up coffee stand out in random places along the trails.

  • in reply to: Editing trail information? #194454

    Bummer that we can’t change the credit for a trail write up. The one in question was originally written by someone who car shuttles to the top and only rides downhill on one of our most iconic local climbs.

    As far as posting a picture without being logged in, I don’t know how that could have happened. I use my phone to upload pictures and it automatically logs me in every time. At least I think it does.

    Who knows. I would rather spend time pedaling than typing. I’ll leave the tech stuff to people who understand it while I go explore another mountain trail.

    Great site! Keep up the good work!

  • in reply to: What am I doing wrong? #191583

    Thanks for the clarification.

  • in reply to: What am I doing wrong? #191581

    I guess I don’t understand how it keeps track. Are these badges that we can only earn once?  It shows progress as 0 and 15 needed for my next badge.

  • in reply to: Fat guy's and recomended tire width. #184469

    I’m 6’2″ and I’ll admit to 240lbs. I run a 2.35 up front and a 2.25 in back. I pump them up to about 30-35 lbs depending on where I’m riding.

  • in reply to: How often do you get injured? #184468

    I hate to admit it, but I usually have a couple of minor injuries a year and about every 2-3 years I have a major one. As I type this I’m recovering from a foot surgery.  Lucky me! I get the stitches out tomorow and plan on heading right from the doctors office to the trail!

  • in reply to: Wear earbuds riding on the trail? #184467

    I occasionally like to have some music on my rides.  When I do, I only wear one ear bud. I think completely blocking my hearing is just a bad idea. I want to hear the things going on around me. I get really frustrated when I come up behind someone and they can’t even hear me yelling to try and go around. We should all be aware of our surroundings.

  • in reply to: Night riding, how often and why? #179078

    I have an 800 lumen light on my bars and a 200 lumen on my helmet along with a small red tail light. With this combination I’m comfortable riding just about anywhere.

  • in reply to: The Star Wars Fat Bike Makes Me Think We're in a Fat Bubble #178982

    I don’t see a problem. It’s a Star Wars bike! How much cooler could it get? As a marketing tool, this thing is perfect. It stands out, resembles a trendy fad, has movie memorabilia characteristics and doesn’t cost a fortune.  It’s perfect for cruising the neghiborhood and bar hopping.  I seriously doubt one of these will ever be seen on a remote singletrack. But what the heck? It’s fun to look at out front of the bar.

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