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  • in reply to: Technical Ascent #91611

    SUCCESS! Let it be known on July 8th 2011, I cleared the rock garden going up the trail!

    It is funny because of all the times I’ve tried, this time seemed the least likely to clean it. It was during the last mile or so of a 20+ mile day. I had bent my derailleur hanger and had to stay in low gears because the chain would shift under heavy torque. Cramps were creeping into my legs. Once I got to that section of trail I pushed all of that out of my mind and starting spinning like crazy. It seemed like my front tire would hardly touch the rocks as I turned between big rocks keeping as smooth of a line as possible. I got up it and alone in the woods I had my fist in the air shouting hell ya!

    Thanks for all the good advise! I should be back on Monday, hopefully the confidence and experience will get be back up that damn mess.

  • in reply to: Stem, Seat or Handlebar?? PLEASE HELP!!! #99884

    My suggestion is try to strengthen your back. Do lots of stretches and strength training. Especially on days you’re not riding. I’d say keep tweaking the bike to get the most comfortable position, but couple that with a stronger core and lower back. You can google a ton of back exercises and if you have one of those big inflatable balls you could do an infinite number of workouts. Good luck!

  • in reply to: Noob Here… Introduction #98184


    I live in Indianapolis. Your gonna love the trails at French Lick and Brown County. They are awesome Midwest trails. Hopefully the rain will ease up and things dry out for us. Keep an eye on for trail conditions.

  • in reply to: Hayes Stroker v Avid J 3 #92031

    Last month I mounted the Hayes. They were really easy to install. I’ve only got to ride them once so far. The season is pretty much over here in Indiana. They ran really smooth, NO NOISE!! I was amazed at how quiet they were compared to my Juicy 3’s even after months of tweaking to quiet them.

    I still have the stock DOT 4 fluid, maybe I’ll bleed the 5.1 into them this winter or in the spring.

    Thanks for the advise everyone!


  • in reply to: Black Bear Rampage #91882

    Sounds awesome. Good work on your finish! I am going to do that race next year for sure.

    Are you familiar with those Ocoee trails? I heard that they can be ridden year round, would you agree? I may make a trip over the winter or early spring if trails are in good shape. Do you have any GPS data from the race?

    Good ride!

  • in reply to: Looking to buy a 29er !! What do u Recommend ? #89415

    I don’t have experience with all those brands. As I said before, pick a bike and brand that is committed to 29er bikes. I worry that some companies just make a few adjustments to a frame and throw a couple big wheels on it and call it a 29er. If you can spend the 1100, I would recommend the Fisher Cobia. SRAM X.5, Avid brakes, Tora SL fork. Specialized makes great bikes, I’m sure the 29ers are no different. I would go after those if I were you. Go find some bike shops and ride those babies! You will find one that blows your mind, I’m sure of it.

    Let us know if/when you pick one up.


  • in reply to: Looking to buy a 29er !! What do u Recommend ? #89412

    Gary Fisher is worth checking out for sure.
    I bought a X-caliber last season, its really nice. Fisher has been making 29ers for awhile and are the best, IMO, for the $2000 and below price range. They have a bike just over 1k and one just under 1k. Lifetime protection on frame too. If you want to spend 1k, get a hardtail. Otherwise you will be getting lesser components to keep the price in your range. 29ers have a smoother ride anyway. Best advice: ride the bikes, buy what feels right.

    Enjoy your purchase!

  • in reply to: Terrible cramps #82169

    I just stumbled into this thread:

    Lots of good info there, I shoulda looked harder for a Cramp thread before starting this one… my bad.

  • in reply to: Terrible cramps #82168

    I didn’t eat much of a breakfast that morning, just a bagel and coffee…

    Next time I’ll be sure to eat a better breakfast and good meal the day before. I probably should have skipped the nightcap too…

    I’m not sure what color my piss was, haha. But I see your point in using that as an indicator of hydration.

  • in reply to: Should I Upgrade My Fork??? #81921

    I’m not an expert in forks, but my suggestions is this: if your fork is doing everything you need it to, why spend the money?

    I read a lot of bad reviews for the fork on my entry level bike (GT avalanche) but it performs well on the technical XC trails I ride. If it breaks or I feel it cannot keep up with my riding, I’ll replace it.

    Bottom line: Don’t replace it just because of reviews or what you hear about it, only replace it if you feel you need to.

    Just my opinion, you will get more expert analysis soon enough.

    Take care,

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