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  • in reply to: Broken Spokes and Tubeless Tires #249578

    Way over-due but thought I’d add something for those who might be searching. One of my bikes was more prone to breaking spoke nipples, probably because they were ceramic.  However, one suggestion is to make sure you are properly seating your tire bead. For me, that typically means getting the initial tire pressure past 50-60 psi. Not sure of the science, but it seems to strengthen the wheel. Once I paid attention to getting the bead fully set, I’ve only broken 1 or 2 since.

  • in reply to: Should I wear a helmet for biking? #249358

    Plenty of comments on this, but I’ll add that I recommend to ALWAYS wear a helmet. In addition to the obvious crashes where I know I’ve whacked my noggin, here’s another example. About a month ago I’m cruising along in an otherwise tame wooded area, when out of nowhere WHACK on top of my head. Didn’t wipe out but close. After gathering my wits, went back to inspect and an old tree with about a 4″ trunk and virtually no branches had apparently broken off just as I was passing underneath.

    Wear a helmet!

  • in reply to: Sedona AZ – Beginner to Intermediate #249354

    My first advice would be head to Over the Edge Sports. I had a great experience renting from them and they offer tons of advice. Second, the “H” trails Hangover, Hiline, and Hogs get all the press, but these trails are not for the faint of heart with some serious consequences if you screw up. A Beginner-Intermediate will not have fun on these trails. I would send you to Mescal-Chuckwagon area and Bell Rock.

    You’ve made a great choice – awesome scenery and a cool town.

  • in reply to: USA MTB Trails- October? #249353

    October in Northern States can be beautiful, but also somewhat unpredictable. To your question, Alaska would be AWESOME in the Summer but October is probably too late in the year. I don’t have a lot of experience in California, but you might consider the San Jose area – kind of an expensive area, if that is a concern.

    Some of the more Southern places I’ve been that have Beginner-Intermediate (and Expert) trails would be Fruita – Grand Junction in Western Colorado, Bentonville area in  Northwest Arkansas, and Sedona in Arizona. All of these areas actively support off-road biking and therefore a real positive experience.

Viewing 4 posts - 61 through 64 (of 64 total)