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    Grab bottom of right pants leg and pull away from the bike. Pull slight towards the back and with left hand press pants leg against the back of your ankle. Continue holding with left hand and fold remaining slack forward with right hand. Pull your sock up over pants leg…Problem solved.

    in reply to: Here's how NOT to handle someone after a crash #178334

    In this scenario one of the guys should have secured the victim’s head in his hands while the other carefully laid him flat on the ground. It is critical that they move in unison, as the slightest head movement can cause paralysis or death. Once he is laid flat, the first guy should continue to hold his head in a stable position and not let the victim move at all. LEAVE THE HELMET ON!!!! The other guy should call 911 and ride out to meet emergency medical workers and guide them back to the victim.

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    I might go to the gym but will typically mope around and pout about not being able to ride.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)