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  • in reply to: Updated pics of my Dawes Deadeye SS 29er… #87872

    Since I’ve had it, I changed it to a 1×9 and back to a SS again. I just love the simplicity of a SS 😬

    Doug 😎

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    My Dawes Deadeye 29er…



    Doug 😉

    in reply to: Singlespeed #72818

    I plan on taking it out and riding this weekend. I’ve got to get my "trail legs" back under me. 😆 Its been 2 weeks since I’ve rode any measurable distance. Ever since the time change I go to work in the dark, I come home in the dark. So my riding has been regulated to weekends when I don’t have a fishing tournament.

    Doug 😎

    in reply to: Singlespeed #72815

    Damn son, thats a great looking bike. Maybe you can help me out with my SS project.

    Doug 😎

    PS-I have a new kid…..my wife delivered a 2008 Cannondale F7 to me on Friday. 😆

    in reply to: A new member…but been riding for awhile. #72758

    Craig, yes MABLETON is Northwest Ga right off I-20 past Six Flags.

    Rebus,Clinton Reserve is also off I-20 West. Take the Post Rd. exit, go back across the bridge go about 2 miles and turn rt. on Ephasus Church Rd. You’ll go 3 or 4 miles and Clinton Reserve will be on you’re right. You can’t miss it.

    Doug 😎

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)