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  • in reply to: 2005 Trek Fuel 70 Snapped Frame #73429

    I was just about done with my ride at Governor’s Creek . I was at the top of the last small hill……then SNAP 😮 I’ve never done any big drops or jumps with it. I have been doing some dig’n on the net and found out that it happens alot with the fuels. I was a little disappointed that trek sent the same frame section . 😕

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    Image 😮
    I just got my bike back from the shop 😆 . Trek sent me the same rear section. So I’m probably going to brake it again 😢 . The color is not an exact match, it’s a little bit lighter. I’m just glad to be back on it.

    in reply to: Does anyone bring a weapon? #70203

    I’ve had good luck with my water bottle (make’s a good squirt gun) and it keeps "most" dogs away. We don’t have a lot of big critters around here. As for people I’ve never had a run-in with anyone so I don’t carry anything. 😕

    in reply to: Clipless or Flats for technical riding. #72416

    I’ve always had clipless pedals (roadie). I took my friends hardtail for a test ride and it had flat pedals. It was pretty funny , I kept pulling my feet off the pedals 😆 . I think i’ll stick with my M540’s.

    in reply to: Ghost in the Mountainbike #72839

    I hate when that happens 😳 .

    in reply to: Newbie saying Hi #72829

    Welcome Bmohan from a fellow roadie / mtn biker. I started out on the road but I find myself spending more and more time on singletracks. You don’t have to keep looking over you shoulder for a jacka** on a cell phone 😼 or getting chased by dogs 😮 . Just keep an eye out for trees (they tend to jump out at ya every now and then) 😳

    in reply to: New to the forum #71987

    No I havn’t made it out there yet. Thinking about going around the first of the year.

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    Will do, thnx for the info.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)