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    i like the color. AND its in the kitchen where it belongs when you’re not riding it!!! That way you can share a moment with it every time you grab another beer!! I like your thinking.

    Started out with a steel GT Talera about 20 years ago. Spent 400 bucks and thought it was too much. Bike lasted for a million miles with some replacement parts. I finally traded up for a Rockhopper with a front shock. Within a year I moved up again to a FS HiFi. I just built my new Niner WFO for just over $4000 this year!! So, my experience is that as your skills improve you realize the bike has to improve also.
    People who buy WalMart Bikes have WalMart skills. I don’t EVER snob at someone who is TRYING. I’ll stop say Hi and talk up the sport. Maybe that’s all they can afford. I’m blessed every time I bomb down the mountain on this rig. I always offer to let people try it out too. That’s right, hand over the Walmart special, I’ll spin it for a while. It reminds me that I’ve come a long, long way from jumping that GT off curbs in college.
    As for "snobs" I’ve never met one on the trail.

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    "ChiliPepper" wrote

    I used to have the same issue, so I went to (which is FREE to join) and downloaded the pics from my computer to Photobucket and then copied the "IMG Code" from Photobucket and then transferred them to Singletracks forum. Works great now! Try it , and it should work for you if that is the issue you are having.

    I appreciate the knowledge. I just posted some pics and they came out great. Thanks.

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    2010 Niner WFO 9.
    Just put it together.
    Marzocchi 44 Micro Ti front fork, Fox RP23 shock with boost valve.



    in reply to: Niner W.F.O. 9 Bike Build…looking for your thoughts #85393

    I just built a 2010 WFO 9.
    I checked the rear suspension before installing the rear shock. With the direct mount front derailleur installed it is possible that the chain stay will make contact with the derailleur cage before the shock bottoms out. I can push down on the finished bike and almost get them to touch.
    If you mount the derailleur in the highest position and put the chain in the small chain ring the rear triangle can hit the derialluer lever arm. I ground the lever arm down a little and resolved that issue.

    I contacted Niner and got NO REPLY. This could be bad if you plan to bomb down hill.

    I suggest using the Hammerschmidt crank. It eliminates the need for the front derailleur.

    The fact that they didn’t reply at all tells me they’re amatures. Also, the cable and hose routing to the rear triangle is a little sketchy.

    There are better options in my opinion if you plan to blow that much cash.

    one more thing. I have the Marzocchi 44 Micro Ti fork. It comes set up at 120mm. It can’t be set to 140mm without sending it to the service center. If you want long travel, no hassle look into White Bothers. For 120mm Fox has a better 29 fork with QR or 15mm dropout.

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