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  • in reply to: Anyone bike in the winter? #102350

    20 Deg. 3 inches of fresh powder, and still snowing = almost heaven. 😃

  • in reply to: Better Ride Mountain bike Skills Camp #102169

    @ fleetwood; not cheep but worth every dollar
    @ deirae88; I’m sure you’ll have a great time
    @skibum: same here, got to put it to good use at Brown County S.P. this weekend. Had so much more fun, I kept it pegged for 3 1/2 hrs. Paying for it today. 😃
    Remember the short trail; Clear Creek in Buffalo WY you added a few years ago. Check out my edited review, it’s not short anymore 😬

  • in reply to: Singletracks Jersey Pre-orders: Fall 2011 #102311

    One of each, size small 😃

  • in reply to: Knee/ shin guards #101058

    Thanks for the replies. After some research I settled on some SixSixOne EVO Lite’s knee and Veggie shin guards. Out Of Stock Everywhere 😢

  • in reply to: Knee/ shin guards #101055

    Wasn’t looking to improve my riding with the knee/shin guards, that’s what I’m taking the skill course for. I do however have enough scars to fill a book with stories, so don’t need any more. I’m by no means a beginner.

  • in reply to: Bike Thief Takedown Video #100728

    If I ride to a restaurant I always get a seat where I can watch the bike. If the bike is going to be out of sight I like to take important parts off (skews, seat and post, etc;), and a cable running through everything. If that doesn’t work hopefully the XO brakes set up motto style should leave a trail of blood to follow. 😆 Removing a few critical bolts will make it unrideable.

  • in reply to: Cuyuna Lakes MTB Trails #99400

    Trail review done. Pictures uploaded, check out Hans Rey in action 😃

  • in reply to: Cuyuna Lakes MTB Trails #99398

    Yes, 12 miles NE of Brainerd, MN

  • in reply to: Adjustable Seat-posts! #98966

    Rummer at the bike shop is that Specialized is going to come out with a new Command Post. Lighter and better seals. Just had to send mine back for new seals. Miss it on almost every ride. 😢

  • in reply to: Memorial Day MTB Plans? #98701

    Va MTB festival near Harrisonburg, Va. Is on my yearly must do list. Large private campground if you’d like to join us. Some of the trails are rideable even if its raining. 😃 Rock has a lot of thing going for it besides a bumpy ride. 😆 … ntid=12865

  • in reply to: Overmountain Victory Trail (Wilkesboro NC) Mileage #98138

    A GPS calculates it"s mileage by getting position fixes from satellites. These fixes can be off by many meters, A bunch of off fixes can add up to a lot of miles. Who cares about exact miles, have fun and get there when you get there. 😃
    Yea I know there are reasons for needing exact miles, but a GPS is just another tool.
    A twistey trail like Overmountain Victory combined with heavy tree cover, I would bet on the GPS milage being off.

  • in reply to: Snow ride lessons #94319

    The learning curve for riding in snow is very steep, and for ice it’s better to let the bike ride you. Cheaper than all the parts that snap off when you hit the ice. Spun a 180 going uphill on ice the other day and didn’t fall over. 😆 But still it’s great fun riding in the snow.

  • in reply to: I scared the crap out of a bunch of horses today #92181

    That’s good. 😆

  • in reply to: Trail Rankings #91879

    Same here , I try to rank the trail for the area I’m in. Also sometimes in the the review I’ll state why I gave It a 4 instead of a 5. The ranking is just one piece of info to use when looking for a trail.

  • in reply to: Semi truck parking at Oak Mountain in Alabama? #92133

    I run all over the US and carry by bike with me. 😃 Feel free to PM me any time you need a place to ride.

  • in reply to: I scared the crap out of a bunch of horses today #92176

    I’ve had to lay my bike down and walk away from it to get a horse to go past, and then just the other day popped around the corner 20 feet from a horse an narrow ST. Horse didn’t even blink, I had mini heart attack. I always speak to the horse, same with dogs. Both will almost immediately let you know how their going to react. And as I tell the horse riders, I may may have to carry my ride at times, I never have to chase it. 😆

  • in reply to: Semi truck parking at Oak Mountain in Alabama? #92131

    Yes plenty of room to park the tractor. Also a small truck stop at the exit. I usually ride in from there. Oak mountain is a great ride.

  • in reply to: trek7k #91598

    Yep, that would have been me.

  • in reply to: trek7k #91596

    Think I’ll redo it as a single track as the total length is only 10 miles, and there is no chance of confusion with the trails. Have to remember to keep it simple. 😳 Was 101 in OK today making my brain stupid. Headed to MI where it is cooler. 😃

  • in reply to: cassette #88839

    My Mavic wobbles a lot. learned to ignore it, keep it lubed, and if it starts to cause shifting problems then worry. I’ve replaced one freewheel in 6500 miles. The bushing finally wears out.

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