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  • in reply to: Inaccurate Trail Descriptions #190439

    Cool, thanks..

  • in reply to: trail closures us gov #122133

    😆 😆 😆 😆

  • in reply to: trail closures us gov #122122

    All this would make for a good plot line for a "fiction" book on an out of control government.

  • in reply to: Singletracks App #122206

    Kept getting stuck at "locating" did that for 2 days, must have known I called for help. Working just fine now 😃

  • in reply to: trail closures us gov #122116

    Shenandoah Mountain Bike Festival
    😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃

    17th Annual Shenandoah Mountain Bike Festival

    The government shutdown will have no impact on the Festival at all. All our trails are on National Forest Land, which is and will remain open, and WE, the mountain bike community (particularly Chris Scott of Shenandoah Mountain Touring) now OWN the gorgeous, enormous campground that is Festival home base. So come on down!!!
    – See more at: … t8Ihv.dpuf

  • in reply to: iphone GPS App #121188

    Thanks, just did a ride using iphone/ Strava, Spent 1/2 the time wrapped in 2 sandwich bags buried in my pack to keep dry (LifeProof case on order). Worked just fine for intended purpose. 😃 Will use my DeLorme PN-60 for more serious mapping.

  • in reply to: RAIN?! #120664

    Some trails out west closed due to lack of rain 😢 Extreme fire danger

  • in reply to: Ibis Releases the Ibis Mojo HDR with 650b wheels! #119938

    Ride it???????????? Just sit, and look at it! 😃

  • in reply to: Any recommendations for the Berryman Trail ??? #119118

    GPS tend to calculate every bump in the trail as an elevation change, so probally not. If you are doing 28 milers out in Colorado you won’t have any problem. Heat, and hummidy will be your biggest concern. If it’s going to be hot start early. Don’t remember bugs being any worse there than anywhere else. Bugs got to eat too 😆

  • in reply to: Any recommendations for the Berryman Trail ??? #119116

    Have ridden the trail several times, never camped, but if I did would try Brazil Creek first. The reviews are correct. The part of the trail west from Brazil Creek is really just some nice hilly trail, but if you save it for last, and you are tired; you’ll end up going "NO Please Not Another HILL". Is really the length of the trail that gets to you, nothing steep or technical. Bring extra water, hummidy is a factor.

  • in reply to: Singletracks trail statuses: How reliable are they? #118993
    "Stl_Greaser" wrote

    Also if you could add a section where the submitter could leave limited text, mayby a 100 to 150 characters to leave any notes. "a few puddles but overall ridable" "Upper trails are good to go, lower trails are under water due to high river" "The most perfect conditions ever, what are you waiting for!" You know stuff like that!

    Really like that idea. 😃 Many trail systems some of the trails are ridable right after rain some not. Especially helpful in the spring as trails dry out/ snow melts. Locals know, out of towners don’t.

  • in reply to: Singletracks trail statuses: How reliable are they? #118982
    "stumpyfsr" wrote

    Most of your suggested statuses will work, Jeff. But, for example, "overgrown" could be translated in a different way by different people. Once I rode a trail in WI that had been described as Overgrown in the most recent review. What I saw was an excellent singletrack with tall grass on the sides. What I can rate as Overgrown is a short part of Maah Daah Hey where you barely see a trail snaking through 6" tall vegetation.
    "Wet" or "Muddy" are probably will be equal to "Closed".
    Still, it depends on users who update status. And mostly users are lazy to perform this simple task. While I update trail status everytime I ride I do rely more on weather channel to determine either should I ride that trail or not.

    Agree; trail conditions can be very subjective to the user. I don’t consider a trail overgrown unless I come away bloody, same with downed trees, 3 trees down on a 10 mile trail does not mean needs maint. But then thats just me.
    We see the same thing in the reviews, what one person sees as hike-a-bike rocky, another sees as fun rocks to play on.

  • in reply to: Singletracks trail statuses: How reliable are they? #118980

    Weather channel, and Singletracks are the first two sites on my tool bar. Being able to check previous days/ weeks rainfall is really helpful in deciding where I’m going to stop and ride.
    Jeff I really like the idea of adding a link to the local club/land managers site, the more info I can get the better. Some clubs are very good at current trail conditions, and some not.
    A more detailed trail status would also be helpful.

  • in reply to: How Do I Get To My Own Photos? #118897

    Cool, like the new format 😃

  • in reply to: should I lube the chrome on my front shock? #118734

    This is what I do. Every few rides; wipe down forks, shock, and command post, coat the sliders with heavy chain lube, cycle a few times, wipe off excess. Is amazing how much dirt this floats to the surface. Don’t know if this is also helping keep the seals lubed, but it can’t hurt.

  • in reply to: Should I even bother with front gears? #117472

    I too like the simplicity of a 1X11. Currently running 2X10, do occasionally miss the top gears, but keeping the top speed down a little might save a tree someday, or maybe a broken bone. And if my lowest gear isn’t low enough for the hill, I walk. Same speed I’d be going anyway.

  • in reply to: Great article on MTBers and the future of Conservation #118021

    Slowly but surely most everybody is getting on the same page; we either work together and share, or loose everything.

  • in reply to: New in Boston #117675

    Rode here many years ago. 😃 Judging by the reviews, it’s only gotten better. … -area.html

  • in reply to: Dropper post length #117050

    Just checked my records. Have had my Blacklite Command Post for 1 1/2 years Appx. 3000 miles of riding. It gets a lot of use!!!!!!!!!!. 😃 Have had no issues at all. Just replaced the stock cable with Jagwire housing, and Teflon coated cable, should have done that long ago. Now operates as easy as my XO shifters. The second, and third generation of dropper posts have come a long way, so reliability is not as much of an issue.
    As for travel get as much as will work on your bike. If I get in some real technical terrain, jump park, or real steep stuff, I’ll drop the post as low in the frame as it’ll go. I’ll end up with 7 inches of total drop, and the seat’s still in the way.

  • in reply to: Specialised "The Captain" Control #110772

    Purgatory; more aggressive tread pattern than the Captain. Good all around moderately aggressive tire.

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