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  • in reply to: Trail Work Pictures #88174

    are the supports 4×4’s and are they cemented or just driven into the ground?

    in reply to: Trail Work Pictures #88172

    we’ve got a trail in Greensboro that runs along a creek that beavers build dams and often causes it to stay wet. I noticed it looks like this is a "floating boardwalk", the cross sections don’t appear to be nailed to cemented posts. I have suggested a similar design to make it easier and quicker to cover larger distances. Interested on feedback if that is the case and experience of how well they stay in place and sustainability.

    in reply to: Irresponsible mtb sponsorship message #87096

    got a really good response from Mike at IMBA. They were quick to recognize this and respond to our concerns.

    Thanks for writing Dale. We all had the same reaction when we learned about this ad. Of course we had no knowledge of this until it was published. Otherwise we would have given them the skinny on why this is so problematic. So now it’s damage control (no pun intended) and we are calling it to their attention.

    Subaru is and has been a valuable partner with their generous sponsorship of the IMBA Trail Care Crew program. And that program, as you likely know, promotes the opposite message and stewardship approach than this recent ad.

    Someone among the Subaru ad team that came up with this is certainly not an IMBA member and certainly never attended a TCC event.


    Mike Van Abel – Executive Director
    International Mountain Bicycling Association
    PO Box 7578, Boulder, CO 80306 USA
    ph: 303-545-9011 x102, fax: 303-545-9026
    mobile: 720-939-8909

    in reply to: Irresponsible mtb sponsorship message #87090

    Ok, now I am going to sound contradictory, I don’t mind racing when it’s wet! It’s the one time where the protocol is ok to ride on wet trails and really get a macho muddy moment!

    Having been the race organizer last year and a volunteer for several prior years for the Sizzler XC race in Greensboro, I understand why you have to have a "race no matter the weather" policy. The schedule dates are few and far between, scheduling with sanctioning bodies, racers traveling from out of town. Rain storms can pop up just minutes before races and to cancel due to a shower would be chaotic. It is also one of the biggest revenue generators for the local club sponsoring the race so if you cancel, it can really hurt the local club financially.

    Yes, 200 racers on a muddy track can do some real damage, but the organizing club accepts that risks and is prepared to rally the volunteers afterward. Worth the price to have 200 racers from across the state and more to experience your trails and drive revenue for future trail maintenance.

    The difference is that racing if wet is just one weekend out of the year. Bandit riders that continue to ride in all weather at their will year round, do continual damage year round that makes it difficult to keep up with and frustrate local trail volunteers.

    in reply to: Post Pictures Of Your Rigs Here! (Part 2) #70516


    One of my GT idrives on Tsali….before I knew to take the reflectors off the spokes!

    in reply to: good trails in north Carolina #82979

    Thanks for the kind words on Wild Turkey. In the Charlotte area I like the White Water training center trails. You can also go to or is it can’t remember.


    in reply to: New trail in Greensboro! #77299

    Charlotte White Water center only charges a $5 parking fee. The city is going to bail them out. Too good to let it die.

    We now have about 2 miles completed on Blue Heron!

    in reply to: Burn the Turkey ride! #75997

    I would really love to give you better news, but it’s been raining cats and dogs here since Saturday. The newest section, or the section completed last, gets really mushy and torn up after rains and takes longer to dry because it is the north facing section and hasn’t gotten burned in like the first 3.5 miles.

    I’m not sure what the weather is supposed to do mid week, but right now predicting snow Sunday night and Monday. Wild Turkey will be way to muddy to ride most of the week. 😢

    If you’re in the area and can’t wait to ride, I would suggest Owls Roost and even that will likely be muddy.

    in reply to: New trail in Greensboro! #77296

    Charlotte has a bunch of good singletrack. I recommend Beech Springs (Poplar Tent) and the US National Whitewater.

    in reply to: When to do your first Mountain bike race? #74740

    Mark – if I would agree with other posters that if you’ve got 22 trails completed, you’ve obviously got it in your system and the enthusiasm to ride and strengthen your legs.

    Many "beginner" races or Cat 3, will actually be shorter than many of your weekend rides. Obviously, the difference is in the adrenaline that pumps through your body before and during the race and riding at a faster pace than you ever will just riding. Even if you go out to ride fast with your buddies on a weekend ride, you can’t match the level at which you will push it during a race because when you are waiting for your group to start, your nerves are really building up, especially for your first few races, and when the gun goes off, that adrenaline will make you faster as will the competition and other pack riders.

    This is redundant to other posts, but race one set your goals to just finish but with the promise to yourself that you are going to push your limits and not conserve too much energy that when you do finish, you’ve got something left in the tank. I almost threw up after my first race (summer and hot) and didn’t think I was going to make the 2nd lap of a 2 lap race. But I did finish, 10 out of 12. I had been riding about a year.

    It was a great post race feeling to have tested myself, participated in the event, competing against riders who had been riding much longer than myself. It was a very satisfying feeling, much like I think how it must feel for someone participating in their first marathon.

    Don’t let the beginner or cat 3 category mislead you. There will be many riders in these groups that have raced for 10 years and are fast and experienced, but won’t move up to sport or cat 2. So even in beginner, there aren’t really many true beginners. I’ve raced beginner for 2 years now. 4th place has been my best finish. I don’t consider myself a beginner anymore, most of the races around here the beginner category sees strong riders and sport is a pretty big step up in distance and speed.

    in reply to: Wild Turkey update #75573

    not been there. I do go to Danville and ride Anglers Ridge regularly.

    Can you send me a link?

    in reply to: Wild Turkey update #75571

    Wild Turkey for lunch is always the way to go! You going to join us for the Burn the Turkey group ride on Saturday at noon??

    in reply to: Burn the Turkey ride! #75995

    Start time change to 12:00 Saturday after Thanksgiving. Get out and burn off that tryptophan! for update links.

    Yes the leaves have changed and most have fallen!

    in reply to: Burn the Turkey ride! #75993

    if you have any questions you can contact me at

    in reply to: help on making fast turns without loosing the front end. #75901

    "How to" books and bike porn marketing, can sometimes be hypocritical. How many times have you seen a product or bike pictured covered with mud? But we all know to avoid the trails when wet, yet major product manufactures and bike mags run images all the time of muddy races or bikes covered.

    I would would say many videos or how to books are likely focusing on how to improve racing speeds. Skidding into a corner while avoidable, is likely to occur on race day. Most trail advocates understand that their trail is going to take more of a beating on race day. But we don’t want every rider on in between rides, use skidding as a way to corner every turn.

    I have to beg to differ on using the trail as anti-conservatism. Those who use open lands, tend to be the strongest advocates at preserving them. If no one rode the trails, then no one would fight to maintain access and eventually land managers would develop them. I don’t hunt, but I recognize that hunters are major land access advocates. I bet as a cave diver, you are part of, or there is an organization that promotes cave diving access and advocacy. But now we’re getting off topic.

    Brake before the turn!

    in reply to: help on making fast turns without loosing the front end. #75899
    "Jason_B." wrote

    Rear braking can loosen the traction on the back tire causing it to skid around, helping to make a tight turn easier.

    Trail builders will cringe to read this. It is true you can skid a corner to bring your back tire around faster and straighten out quicker, but skidding through corners really damages the trail. To save the life of the trail and to keep trail work hands riding and not repairing, avoid skidding or sliding by applying just a slight enough front brake pressure with your back brakes so that the back tire does not lock up and slide. Skidding disrupts soil, exposes roots and causes erosion and brake bumps.

    in reply to: help on making fast turns without loosing the front end. #75897

    riding technique can make a big difference, but first let me ask qualifying questions on your equipment.

    What kind of bike set up do you have? Is it a XC bike or All Mountain? XC will corner better since the head angle helps keep the front tire more under you. All Mountain slacker head angle puts the front tire out in front more and you need to get a little more forward on the bike to keep weight on that front tire so it tracks.

    What kind of tires are you running? You may have tires with a lower outter edge bead. I run Kenda Nevagals and Tioga’s, both that corner great. Do some research on your tires.

    I’ve never ridden in Florida, but I would expect much of your trail surface to be sandy. Trail surface determines your riding technique.

    Some basic cornering tips. Layoff the brakes. If you do have to break, tap them before going into the turn, not in the turn. You want to be able to rail the turn and come out fast. Remember, it’s not how fast you enter a turn, but how fast you exit a turn. Learn to lean your bike, don’t steer. Make sure your outer pedal is down and inner pedal up through the turn and press your weight onto the outer pedal which will help your bike dig into the turn and rail the turn, all the weight on the outer pedal.

    That is for starters. Hope it helps! Go rail those turns and berms!

    in reply to: NC Parks mtb survey #75685

    do the survey?

    in reply to: Wild Turkey update #75563


    No worries, thats what this forum is for.

    Good question on locating Wild Turkey because it does not yet have permanent signs.

    To give you bearing points, Owls Roost is on the northwest side of the lake, Wild Turkey is on the opposite side of the lake. If riding Owls Roost and exiting either trailheads on the greenway, you would turn left on the greenway, south.

    You’ll go maybe a half mile and then you will cross a bridge over the lake. The trailhead will be about 50 yards ahead on your left. WT entrance shares the Nat Greene hiking trail entrance, so that’s what your looking for. Drop in on Nat Greene, then bank immediately to the right to take WT. I’ve got some temporary laminated signs stapled to a tree.

    2 other directional notes.
    You will have 2 stream crossings, one with a small bridge and one with a longer boardwalk. At these locations, the hiking trail and biking trail come together. Keep right at both stream crossings.

    After crossing the 2nd, longer bridge/stream, when you come off the bridge and go straight, there is an old neighborhood trail that some make the mistake of taking. If you stay straight and go up the hill off the bridge, you’re going the right way. If you go right on the neighborhood trail, it will dead end on the gas pipeline open field.

    As for handling rain, since WT is new, it does take longer to dry and the last mile near the Lake Brandt marina can get really sloppy. That section was done with a Ditch Witch. I recommend avoiding WT if we had had measurable rain fall in the past 3 days. Most of the other trails drain pretty quick.

    Oh, and there are no fees.

    in reply to: Wild Turkey update #75561

    if you are on the north side of HP, then the Bur-mil area trails are about 25-35 minutes away.

    Go up Hwy 68 north, take the airport exit, onto Bryan Blvd. Take the New Garden Rd. exit, turn left, follow to Battleground Avenue, go left, follow about 2 miles and Bur-mil Park will be on your right.

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