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    I do a ghetto tubeless method that works well and cheaply.
    Clean your rim well.
    Use 1 layer of electrical tape around the rim. Then 2 layers of 3m fibre tape.
    Poke a pin hole through the tape layers with a sharp tool and insert a either a tubeless valve or one cut from a old tube.
    Mount tire.
    Spray tire bead with windex (makes it slippery and mount easily.
    Fill tire with appropriate amount of stans for wheel size.
    Air up to 40-50psi.
    Shake tire around to coat inside with fluid.
    Let sit on side for 20 min each side.
    Check for leaks and shake more if there is some.

    Reduce psi to desired amount and ride.

    in reply to: What’s the verdict on 27.5? #125929

    I was a hard core 29er evangelist. Loved those big wheels. But then late last season I built up a old hardtail 26" with a set of 27.5 and started loving ot ride that bike tons, more then my squishy 29er. A lil over a month ago I jumped full into the 27.5 and I’m not looking back. Sold my 29er squishy, and with cash in hand went right to my local shop and picked up a giant trance 27.5. Honestly the best decision I could make. I absolutely love that bike. I know part because it’s an amazing bike. But the 27.5 is honestly a great wheel size choice. It’s not just marketing hype that grew it’s popularity, it’s trail proven fun. I highly recommend it to anyone. A bit of the big wheel advantage, but still very playful.

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    Heal well and good luck getting back on your bike and riding!

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    I really love the trails in Edmonton’s river valley. There’s between 170-200km of interconnected sections of singletrack ranging from very beginner to blue/black dh stuff. The valley holds a nostalgic place in my heart because I lived in Edmonton about 7yr ago and rode those trails daily for hours, even in the snow. The highlight was a new trail built in the past couple years called Groat Trail (on strava), or as the locals refer to it, Groat Rollercoaster. It was a ton of fun. Fast, flowy, tight corners, all downhill at a moderate grade.

    Sadly, some sections which I remember loving dearly were washed away from small landslides. They created fun hike a bike obstacles! Overall was great to get back on trails I have always loved, and to see how far I’ve progressed in my riding skills since last time I rode them 4yr ago. I cleaned everything that use to scare me 😀

    in reply to: Share Your Latest Badge #118531

    I got the Alberta Badge this morning riding some of the river valley trails in Edmonton. Was great to be back on old favourites from when I lived in Edmonton years ago.


    in reply to: Share Your Latest Badge #118529
    "Greg Heil" wrote

    Snagged this one on our current media trip:


    Fun times up here in Alberta!

    Hope to nail that one on my trip to Edmonton next week 😀 Can hardly wait to shred the river valley there once again. It’s been far too long.

    in reply to: Frozen Toes #122832

    What I found best was British army issue goretex socks. I bought some on ebay for cheap and they are fantastic. I wear then over a light merino wool hiking sock and have been warm even up to -50C riding my bike.

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