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    Those look awesome! I may be interested…PM me.

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    Ok its been awhile since I posted, have had issues with the site lately…Anyhow riding has been going great overall, 95+ hours of riding in my first three weeks back, I’m riding skinnies with confidence, have hit a few jumps, several drops up around 7 feet high or so…also first set of injuries since being back, small non-surgery tears in my knee (3), bruised ribs/abdominals, mild concussion…It’s been several days since all this and not only do I feel great but I’m ahead of schedule in all aspects! I also have a full spot open for this ride as my former teammate has been removed due to several problems that simply were unacceptable. If anyone is interested please message me for details and or questions!

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    Some sad (depending how you look at it) news…My teammate Michael Dionne blew off to many responsibilities and never owned up for them so for this reason he is no longer a part of this. I am looking for a new rider, all the benefits that were setup for him will be transferred to whomever is his replacement so I am now seeing who is interested. If anyone is slightly interested please get in touch with me, I’ll answer any and all questions, fill you in on all the details…Even if you can’t join the entire trip feel free to get in contact and join for any section. Being local is not necessary.

    Some good news, I’ve put in close to 50 hours of riding in my first two weeks back, have met some great people, and progressing nearly every time I ride.

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    Obviously they get tired though, I purposefully got a more difficult bike to ride but that’ll pay off later during the trip, prior to this, I was a avid rider of all sorts, so I couldn’t be happier overall with how everything is going, and when I feel great (compared to normal) I’m excited by the progress I have seen so far.

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    Legs get tired but my main issue is my hands, as they have paralysis/limited strength, I’m still getting them adjusted.

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    In my first week back riding I have put in a estimated total of 35 hours, rode till the point one of my hands absolutely needs a break so now I’m taking a day or two off until it is better, also beginning the certification classes tomorrow.

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    It has been awhile since I posted, a fair amount has happened…My teammate has lost around 30 pounds in two/three weeks, several more sponsors have either joined or expressed interest, and I finally began riding again! 12-16 miles yesterday, certainly riding a bike that exceeds my current capabilities (not my past ability) but massive thanks to The Cutting Edge and Santa Cruz the V10 is just amazing, I have a ways to go before I’m back in form but that was expected, what I didn’t expect was to be overall as able to ride as I was…Anyhow hoping to have my hands strengthened and working well enough for some downhill asap
    For those interested, muscle on average works in three week cycles, due to nerve damage this will take longer if it is even possible at this point for me, if it isn’t surgery is a option and I can get tendons (in some cases from a kangaroo) switched and the treatment has shown remarkable success rates overall…Food for thought, Kangaroo tendons…

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    Anyone in CT want to ride?

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    I’m trying to post less frequently as there updates are expected to be fewer until we get closer too our starting date…However due to some I guess fortunate misfortunes if that makes any sense I’m expecting to purchase a bike pretty much a few days to two weeks from now, I really couldn’t be more excited about this…over five year’s forced away from the sport and thinking I would never do anything of the sort again I can’t wait. For those wondering yes I do know I can still ride a bike, hopped on one a few days ago and was actually shocked my hands worked well enough for a few hops…Also got some passes from a friend for some places up in VT…So when I start riding anyone in CT, MA, VT interested in riding? Yes I’ll post this in the Northeast section once I get started again.

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    So it has been a few days since I updated…it has been a crazy time all around….I begin classes as a CNA as I’m taking this year off from college (when I attend college I’m a double major/double minor) so this certificate program is a means too a end as well as funds this adventure…I plan on starting riding within two weeks (Bike is getting ordered shortly) just need to wait for my ribs to finish healing…Michael has been doing his preparation and is on schedule…
    Please take a look at either

    or support our National Stroke Association fundraising page.

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    National Stroke Association fundraising page is now up and active

    in reply to: Trip of a lifetime #127524

    Our official page for National Stroke Association is up … pxfid=6750

    we also need some help still getting word out about the gofundme page…We are riding regardless but for someone in my situation some help is sadly needed.

    Thank you all
    Tom Ninelives

    in reply to: Dont just ride, Bike MS in New Jersey! #127573

    BIG IF but if things go well and I’m able to start training again I would love to do the 100 miles though I’d be trying for under two days. I’ll see if I’m able to make it though.

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    Depending on our start date as March in Vermont often has snow still (We don’t mind cold temperatures) it will probably be sometime around May-June that we will be in Wisconsin.

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    Fundraising page information has been completed, just waiting on the link now. Woke up with several messages from various news agencies, Michigan and Northeaster Wisconsin have officially been added to the route…So we are looking for people from those areas who are interested in helping…If you’re in one of the following states and may be interested in someway please let me know! VT, MA, CT, MD, PA, OH, IN, IL, MI, WI, MN, MT, WY, CO, UT, NM, AZ, CA we WILL be in your state!

    in reply to: Project WanderSpire #127550

    Synopsis of Project WanderSpire: A 7,543(via google maps)-8,800 (total distance once side trails are factored in) Mile long Mountain Bike Ride for Stroke, taking place March 2016, that includes visiting Hospitals, Patients, Youth Groups, New Friends, BikePack TripleCrown, Dozens of SideTrails, Documented via picture and video then produced, SPOT Tracked, and oh so much more!

    I myself suffered a stroke albeit in my spinal column (neck C4 and C7) as well as have had a heart attack, and a ton more.

    Please take a look at this page and simply share or like and if you so choose donate either money, time, help, support…Hell just join us for a ride, thats what this is afterall, a ride…I’ve missed riding and I’m finally ready to start again, my buddy Michael grew up riding and is stoked. We’ll be visiting a ton of places so odds are we’ll be close by and who knows maybe it’ll pay off for you…I am beyond excited to announce we have several sponsors of varying degrees including one that I know has made everyone thus far who has heard rather jealous…We can’t promise ya’ll anything other than a good time but as we are filming this all it will be exposure and EVERYONE who helps us will receive recognition and a free digital copy upon completion..So check out our page, if you scroll down it lists all the current states and a general outline of trails…Get in touch with me here or facebook (Tom Ninelives) if you’re interested in any way.

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    I love clif bars. That’d be a great help! We actually reached out to Clif Bar but we haven’t heard back yet sadly…Other news going on…Mikes step-dad is recovering well from the heart attack, it was fairly minor overall! I fractured three ribs, Mike and I are meeting up today and going over everything…We still need help across the board/country/finances/everything of course…Though we are set on sponsors/support for Bikes (yeah that happened) Clothing, Stoves, Bike Shop…We also are now in discussions with a beverage/sports drink company.
    Still looking for sponsors who could assist in providing food, cameras, other miscellaneous items.

    National Stroke Association is completely on board. We are delaying the page for them until we are confirmed with National Heart Association (they are unrelated)
    Also reason for delay, I really don’t want to have too physically hold onto the donations as this always causes some sort of problem, we are working on setting up an electronic pay method where all donations go directly to the organization!

    We also would as always love to meet people, were looking to have a good time, ride, hangout, ya’ll are welcome to come join for any length of time from a minute to days or weeks, its going to be an awesome time, biking and camping! Sorry I would post more but my ribs are acting up

    in reply to: Trip of a lifetime #127518

    We would be grateful to have a guide! As I have said, we need help of all sorts, if anyone is interested in helping in anyway please let me know! I know this is a long ways off but this takes a surprising amount of effort, more then I initially anticipated. It’s great though and once everything has come together it will have been well worth it, this much I’m already certain of.

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    Update…First of all it wasn’t Michaels biological father who had the heart attack, it was his step-father. He is recovering well. We have confirmed we’ll be riding for two organizations National Stroke Association and most likely National Heart Association, we are just waiting on confirmation from Heart Association.
    Beyond that some rather massive developments butttt it’ll be awhile before we announce all that, let’s just say it’ll probably make nearly everyone jealous…As always we are always looking for help beyond just financial,
    if interested in anyway please don’t hesitate to message/comment/find me on facebook Tom Ninelives…

    once again here is the link containing all information.
    Also because of recent developments we are making a secondary route (same length) only heading south and then west then doing Bikepack TripleCrown northbound…

    in reply to: Project WanderSpire #127549

    Just an update, it was Mike’s step-father and he is currently recovering. We will be riding for both National Stroke Association and National Heart Association as we have just been informed this won’t be a problem!

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