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  • in reply to: Evil The Calling MB Bike Fit #304160

    I wanted to update this post in case anyone else has a question regarding sizing for an Evil The Calling. I ended up going with an XL frame and fits perfect! Using the geometry to match the reach+stem of my existing bike (which I felt was a very important geometry feature of why I fit so well on my 2013 Trek Stache 7) provided me with frame size that fits just as comfortable as my Stache 7.

    I hope this helps anyone looking for what size Calling to buy

  • in reply to: Evil The Calling MB Bike Fit #270673

    Thanks for your feedback!

    Alvin, I am 6′ with a 32″ inseam. I am in Northeast Ohio, so it looks like the closest dealer to me is in Cincinniti (~6hrs).


    Plusbike Nerd, looking at the top tube+ stem makes my current bike look HUGE compared to all the bikes I am looking at (620+90=710mm; Evil The Calling 624+40=662mm). I can’t image that my Stache hardtail from 2013 was that ahead of it’s time geometry wise to be longer/slacker than most current trail bikes, but I cannot seem to understand the geometry measurements that compare to what I am feeling on the bike.


    I am nervous because I had a Trek 4300 before my Stache that I was not comfortable on at all because the bike felt much too short despite being the correct size for me. Maybe the updated geometry of seat/head tube angles and shorter stems play a bigger part in the feel than the standard geometry dimensions the manufacturer’s provide.

  • in reply to: First Full Suspension Bike #253778

    Thanks for all the feedback! Sounds like I need to find a good deal on an Evil bike!! Haha. I will definitely be riding some of these bikes early next year to see which one feels best!

  • in reply to: Evil The Calling MB Bike Fit #270718

    Dr Sweets, Your comment about the stem being the factor that is giving me the length I want is what has me concerned. I am very comfortable on my current bike and it looks like even with the longer/slacker trend, that I need to size up to get a similar feeling without using a longer than recommended stem on most new bikes.

    I am afraid that going to a large frame will have me feeling much too far forward on the bike, unless I shouldn’t consider the stem length when looking at frame sizing. If that’s the case, then everything makes sense again! haha

    Also, I am looking at Evil bikes because of the 40% off sale they have on frames, and The Following is unfortunately sold out already.

  • in reply to: First Full Suspension Bike #253591

    TK34, thanks for the feedback.

    It seems like these bikes are all spec’d pretty similar, so I don’t expect there to be huge differences between them. It can’t come down to just which bike comes in the right color can it?!

    I am definitely going to try to ride them all before I make a decision.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)