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    Thank you. I’ve just recently started using this forum and still figuring it out.

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    Create and/edit YouTube videos. Really depends on how many video’s I have in line to complete.

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    Irudkin, that video is awesome. Did you create it yourself?

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    Mongwolf, Sounds like your in a great place to do a lot of bike packing. Most of the areas I ride are to rural, which makes the trails 8-10 miles long on average.

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    What’s your location. I’m in LA, so I ride the SE States a lot.

    in reply to: Southern Mississippi MAKING A MARK #232823

    The way it was explained to me was that this group of guys came together after Katrina hit and wanted to clean up their local trail but the state wasn’t allowing it at the time so they created their own. The land is leased through one of the founders, he owns the 100 plus acres that these trails reside on. The best part is that they host a lot of different function from surrounding MTB Groups, one of which comes from Baton Rouge and has a huge turn out each year. They also have different races to bring in traffic as well. There is no fee to ride but they do accept donations to cover costs for materials and the land.

    in reply to: Having chain chatter after replacing my chainring #232790

    Thank you. For the info. It wasn’t making the noise until I changed the CR, so I figured it was an issue somewhere else.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)