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    "tarvisg" wrote

    Reveille Peak Ranch has a awesome assortment of trails. They have a run called Super D which is alot of fun.
    Depending on where your from Downhill doesn’t really exist like some places down here. I am in San Antonio and you end up with more elevation overtime than all at once.
    Mt. Lakeway trail is a switchback trail up and fun coming back down.
    Emma Long City Park is a great technical trail with lots of ups and downs to challenge you.
    There is a place called Freeride 512, I have heard alot of good things about it. Its not a downhill park but the freeriding is supposed to be awesome.
    Colorado or AngelFire are you best bet for downhill in this area. If your down in SA and don’t mind climbing Government Canyon has some good tech lines and some good downhill sections. You just have to climb to get to them. They are open fri-mon.

    Good luck in Austin, its a fun town!!

    Thanks for the input. I’m from SA too so I know the trails there pretty well. I’m getting to know the trails here in Austin more and more. So far I like what I see. Def a cool town.

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    Lmao, good stuff.

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    Good stuff! I need to pick up a Go-Pro to make a video myself!

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