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Just north of the D // Michigan
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  • in reply to: Looking for a 2 day Midwest Mountain Bike Trip #87580

    Check out plenty of great trails here in MI. If you ride Brown County then you will like it here. Suggest Fort Custer, Yankee Springs, Poto, Brighton
    ps stop at on your way here or on way home. You will not be dissapointed

  • in reply to: Three for free!! #87123

    Congrats on the new home and the big score! Looks as though Burchfield, Yankee Springs and Custer will be you new locals if they were not already.

  • in reply to: Specialized Pitch and Sette Flite #86878

    Fit is important and you may get additional support from your LBS(s) seeing how this is your 1st mountain bike, unless you had previously been on a HT. Ask your LBS if they are getting any in. If so, at least in my area, many shops will allow you to test ride a bike sometimes w/a fee. One of the shops in my area selling Specialized does such. As for the Sette I believe you can buy and if you don’t like return (your expense) should you not like it but you just can’t take it on the trail. So you can sit on it in your living room and make a call from there. If there a a few shops in your area dealing in Specialized you should visit them as well. My local was more then happy to sign one out for me to take on the trail, real world, and should I buy one they fit me to my specific needs. Such as changing stem or seat… Although I am looking at going back to HT so I was reviewing the stumpjumper upper end bike. At any rate welcome to Singletracks and keep us posted what you end up with

  • in reply to: what to carry #86210

    Its like AAA you never know when you will need it but its always nice to know its there. I always carry a extra tube, muli-tool kit, some basic first aid stuff, a few zip ties and weatherproof tape and a small supply of toilet paper/tissues. While I have never needed any of the above mentioned I can’t tell you how many mtn bikers I have helped out over the years. I feel I am part of a community and think others would do the same for me if necessary. I even helped a guy who worked for sram who did not have a spare chain link or tool to fix his broken chain. I’m still waiting for that free stuff he promised.LOL Regardless I was happy to help a fellow rider. Yea its a little extra weight but IMO its worth the extra insurance.

  • in reply to: Christmas Gifts I Gave to Myself #85971

    better a little later then never. Picked up a edge 305 + HRM for $120 and a Panarace fire xc pro for $15 the other day. Happy belated Christmas to me.

  • in reply to: thinking about 2009 Trek 9.8 #85124

    yes I was looking at the elite 9.8 hardtail. It is a 2009 18.5 (on clearance for $2849) Initially I was just making the rounds at LBS to check out some new trek rigs. My thoughts were on the 2010 8500 or the elite 9.7 (can’t afford the elite 9.😎 in a 15.5 or 17.5 but I believe the 15.5 would be way to small now as I have about 2" clearance when I stand over the 18.5 before hitting the twigs and berries on the 2009 elite 9.8 and after two rides I really did not feel "off balance" so to say. Just because its a deal does not mean I plan on buying it as I want the best fit. The sales rep was not pressuring me in any way and two other customers in the shop (one almost my same build) said it looked like a good fit Most shops in my area only have the Fuels in at present and don’t plan on getting hardtails until January (I don’t think any have shipped yet, but I could be wrong) One shop recommend the 8500 in a 17.5 FYI. I’m in no rush I just happen to see this deal and was curious…

    Thanks for the feedback. It is very much appreciated

  • in reply to: thinking about 2009 Trek 9.8 #85121

    I could not agree w/you more Goldengoose. As I was thinking about a 15.5 or 17.5 (at most)However, when I went there and tried it out there was just as much room from the head tube as on my Fisher and it even felt about the same size just way way lighter. Do the Treks run that much smaller in the geometry? This has me rethinking size should I go w/Trek?? I know each manufacture has different sizing but I would not think for a second I could fit over a 18.5 as having a 32" inseam and at 5’6" I was able to fit on it w/o feeling "off balance" I guess I should wait for the 2010s to arrive and see just how small a 15.5 -17.5 are…but boy that ride is sweet

  • in reply to: Post Pictures Of Your Rigs Here! (Part 2) #70501
    "Code_Rage" wrote

    Just picked this puppy up at free flite in Marietta Georgia. Haven’t hit the trails with it but man its been fun doing a little urban riding with it. Have nothing bad to say about it!

    Oh, and the guys at free flite are simply awesome! Michelle and Travis were great to work with and very accommodating. It was worth the 1000 mile round day trip. You guys really need to do something about 75 between Macon and Adel though, thats just ridiculous in the rain..😀

    Nice rig and the home made all grain brewing system look great. Did you weld the stand yourself? Been brewing since the 90’s, won some awards too. Noticed the bottles off to the left. I only keg except for competition. What did you brew.

  • in reply to: Night Riding #84314

    Night riding is a absolute rush. I have been using the Nite Rider MiNewt x2 on the bars 300 lumens and around $200 and I have the MiNewt mini for the helmet at 110 lumens at around $100 The combination rocks and gives me plenty of light to rip up the trail and to avoid raccoons and the like on the trail. The combo of both bar and helmet really make the difference and I do recommend both. These may not be top of the line on the market but for the price I have no complaints and I really don’t think the weight is that bad. May be the only draw back is the length of charge at high is around 2 hours but that is a non issue as my ride is under this. Another rider I sometimes ride with has a great system but the price paid was more then double what I paid.

  • in reply to: Stolen Bike #84925

    That sucks Bigdave08!
    You should also put up a post on and make a quick road trip to the Fort and post a flyer w/a pic of the bike as well seeing how you are pretty close to their if you haven’t already.

  • in reply to: Frist year MTB! #84668

    you should plan a trip to Michigan. We have loads of great trails here. Would make a great weekend of camping/biking. Check us out at Also you are not to far from Brown County State Park in Indiana.

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