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  • in reply to: Newbie needs help w/ suspension forks #95906

    That bike most likely has an 1 1/8th" headtube, but you are going to need a fork with a relatively long steerer tube. I would also take an eye to eye measurement for the rear shock as well, from the looks of it once you got going it would crap out in a heart beat. Just measure from the middle of the top bolt holding the shock to past the bolt holding the bottom of the shock. I would suggest looking at some RockShox products since they are fairly inexpensive compared to other brands. Just remember that price goes up with the more options or better technology!

  • in reply to: trek top fuel 8 wsd or 6700 wsd or 8000 wsd please help #77688

    The fuel is a much better bike than the hardtails you listed. The frame might weight a pound and a half more than the hardtails, but the comfort you’ll get from the suspension and the confidence you’ll have going through technical terrain is much greater benefit than all the best pro’s you’d get from a hardtail. A lot of people are getting away from hardtails when they can afford too. Mostly because of the advances in the frame technology that is being put into the new full suspension frames. Trek this year is at the forefront of bike manufacturers in terms of the quality and technology they put into their bikes. Also their customer service is one of the best in the market. I hope this will help you in your decision.


  • in reply to: MTB Racing Classifications and Types??? #77410

    Gravity is a general term used to encompass the extreme forms of riding. Gravity aspect of mtb is; DH, Freeride, Slopestyle, Dual Slalom, 4-Cross, and Dirt Jumping/Street. Events include the DH races, Redbull Rampage, Crankworx, DS races, 4X races (because no one races DS anymore), 26TRIX, and the Nissan Qashqai events.

    I hope this helps eleviate your confusion.

  • in reply to: I am a Mt Bike noob #77402

    The Candies are great. My buddy has them on his Spesh Epic. They are highly rated on other MTB sites. Pretty good at keeping the mud out except for the eggbeaters. Plus if you need to pedal while not clipped in they have a decent platform.

  • in reply to: Got any pics of your FR demon? #76053

    I used to have a RMX2 back in 02 and I haven’t been riding until 2007 and I’ve tried a bunch of different bikes and I haven’t had a chance to ride the SS yet, it rode great in the backyard and the driveway though. Winter has arrived in VT. It is weird today it is like 60 out right now and everything is still cold so stuff is sweating!

  • in reply to: Got any pics of your FR demon? #76052

    Yep, Those are the Azonic Stripbars w/ the Aggro stem. I need to take some new pics of some more upgrades that I’ve done. Azonic 420 pedals and swapped the P.O.S. E.thireteen DRS for a Truvativ Shiftguide,(that I’ve used previously without any problems. I’ve recently started guerilla repping Evomo and NoFear so I have put some of their swag on my bike and my hauler.

  • in reply to: Got any pics of your FR demon? #76050

    I just got this ride, My MTB got stolen this past summer and I ended up with an old replacement bike that eventually broke, so A buddy hooked my up with a tax write off bike.

    I can’t load any pix!

    Just go to: The specs include a Truvative Shiftguide and Azonic 420 pedals now.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)