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    Womens Mountain Bike Skills Clinics at Bootleg Canyon Gravity Fest Nov 28 – 30

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    Invest in a skills clinic to learn proper techniques that would improve all of your riding, not just in the gully, keep you safe, and enable you to have more fun time. Here is why you need to have skills coaching: [url:2l3a21h8][/url:2l3a21h8]

    1. IF you don’t have a nice dropper post, then drop your seat a little to give yourself more room to move independently of your bike. Sure this will make the climb on the other side more challenging, but hey, it will help keep you safe.
    2. Be sure to have a great setup before entering the gully. Ready or attack position, whatever you’d like to call it. Stand up, off the seat, with knees bent outward (not gripping your bike!) Keep your elbow out, back flat, and bend from the hips, with your eyes scanning ahead.Be sure to think ahead, you know, to put that dropper post back up and shift into a lower gear for the abrupt climb.
    3. While descending you will adjust your weight back a bit to maintain balance between the front and rear tire. Be sure to keep a slight bend in your arms, and only get back as far as necessary for the slop e of the hill. You also, and should, drop the heel of your forward foot to brace yourself should you need to brake, or hit a bump that brakes for you.
    4. On your way up the other side, quickly transition your weight forward in the bottom of the gully. Try pumping this area to gain speed. If you don’t know how to pump, there are skills clinics for that too. Keep your weight low and elbows out as you spin up the other side.

    You can download a FREE sheet with tips about FUNdamental Skills here: [url:2l3a21h8][/url:2l3a21h8]

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    Invest in a Skills Clinic, it will make your riding SAFE and more FUN. There are so many great coaches, there is no reason not to learn the easy way. I grew up in Connecticut and I would love to come home and coach you, if that is in your price range. It’s also about to snow buckets back there…. fly to Sacramento, CA and come ride in the canyon behind Auburn Bike Co? It is still warm and sunny here. I’ve got a great spot near Vegas as well for teaching. Here is my information:

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    Sacramento is flat. Tahoe and Downieville have some snow now. But Auburn State Recreation Area and Cronan’s Ranch would be good choices. A nice 30 mile loop goes from my favorite local shop of highway 80 and back:

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